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Amazing Experience for Supporting Turtle Center in Bali

"My time in Bali volunteering was nothing short of amazing. From the people, the culture, the activities, the one in a lifetime experiences I am very humbled to have been given the opportunity to be a part of such a well-structured organization." Holly, Digital Media and Interactive Design Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

My first day and the Hawksbill Turtle rescue experience!

On my first day of volunteering, I was lucky enough to help rescue an injured Hawksbill Turtle from Kuta beach. The poor sea turtle was caught in a fishing net, upon taking it to the vet we were told its flipper would need to be amputated. The following day the Hawksbill turtle was brought into the center for treatments until it was healthy enough to be re-released, and it was then I realized how rewarding this voluntary work experience was going to be. Knowing I was taking part in helping an extremely endangered species was a heartwarming feeling.

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My duties as a volunteer in the turtle conservation

Throughout my time volunteering in the turtle conservation center in Bali, I assisted the staffs clean the turtle tanks, cleaned their shells from mould and algae, help move the turtles into different tanks to see how well they can swim, feed the turtles with seaweed or small fish, give tours to visitors and lastly release the beautiful creatures back into the wild. Release the turtles back into the wild was an experience I will never forget, sitting on the back of a police truck with three 120 KG restless turtles going through the crazy traffic of Bali was absolutely incredible and to have them released on Kuta beach was so gratifying knowing how long some of them had been in the centre for.

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The amount I learned from volunteering here was incredible, not only about turtles but about myself and how more environmentally aware I am now. After doing a beach clean-up and learning about what can and cannot be recycled, it was then I realized how badly humans are impacting our sea life and the ocean.

To anyone visiting Bali in the future, I would encourage them to visit and donate to this amazing Turtle organization while cutting down on single-use plastic as much as possible.

The amazing Bali and my experience during my free time

Overall my time in Bali was amazing, and it’s changed me into a better person, and I am grateful for that. From exploring waterfalls to tasting new foods, to snorkeling in the bluest of sea’s, to visiting beautiful temples, to buying souvenirs in street markets and watching Balinese dances, I loved every minute of being in Bali, and it helped get a clear insight to their amazing culture. One thing I will remember from the Balinese people is that they are all so friendly and calm. Living at the volunteer house was a crucial point to be settling in well into Bali as I was living with such lovely people who were all doing the same work like me, so it was really easy to settle into this whole new lifestyle. Especially for someone who is quite nervous doing something so far away from home.

My experience in Bali overall was also absolutely incredible- despite being cut short due to the pandemic. I made some unforgettable memories, met some amazing people, and I cannot wait until I’m able to come back out again to continue where I left off and hopefully cross paths with those friends in the future. Thank you to everyone involved in making my short month in Bali one to remember, I made memories that will last a lifetime and friends I will never forget.

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