Internship Programs in Bali
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About us

As one of the first agencies of its kind based in Bali, started back in 2009 have we established and sustained a vast network of trust, support and friendship among non-profit organizations, educational institutions, companies and international volunteers and interns.

Our Mission

We are committed in providing educational, social and cultural programs that encourage intercultural learning between local communities in Bali and both national and international visitors.

Why We Are Here


We understand how much effort there is to be able to land a reliable and quality internship abroad. Yes technology does exist to cater to every need, in a world where everything is one click away. Are you a hundred percent sure if the potential internship programs offered online are all reliable?

Our existence is made for this mediation, our main purpose is to connect individuals to ensure the internship programs are of quality. Being thousand kilometers away from your internship destination makes it challenging to naturally accept what the host company at the other end of the world has to offer.

Our work begins at selecting companies where it is highly potential for anyone to enter and learn something from. Be it your academic gain internship abroad, your thesis writing internship or if you are in the middle of changing your life path and career entirely, we are here to provide support. With our years of experience and solid network of reliable host companies, we assure your internship placement is worth doing.



Volunteering abroad has been both challenged and encouraged the past decade. We are aware of how delicate it is to even bring up this topic as an organization that offers social projects that require international volunteer’s involvement. It has taken us years to build trust among the local communities, establish and sustain relationships with existing organizations all around Bali that are in the favor of the well being of the environment, nature, education, quality of life and people.

We try to identify where support is needed, where volunteers’ motivation, skills and background could be of an additional support to the development of the work of the community and for our volunteers to experience Bali from this very aspect.


Our values

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Local Community Support

As a part of Bali’s local community, we manage our business to operate for our community’s benefit. We support existing profit companies and nonprofit organizations, and we constantly work together with local family businesses such as accommodations, scooter rentals or transport services.

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Ethical Support

Having built up a long-term relationships with our host organization for our social programs, we studied and learned about volunteer work, progress and targets. With our constant involvement in getting direct review and feedback from both our host partner organizations and volunteers we strive to create tasks and guidelines that can assist all programs in the long run.

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Our role goes beyond placements of people. We commit to carefully screen & mediate individuals' backgrounds, studies​ &​ passion with ​our programs. The same goes to all of our host partners who​'s been​ highly open to give learning spaces to our ​clients. We want to ensure that the cooperation holds a sustainable effect for the programs & everyone involved.

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We screen every volunteer & intern before the placement with regard to reliability & motivation to eventually match them with an open position in our local network. We commit to communicate appropriate values & behavior among our travelers to ensure the safety & protection of children, young adults and adults of our local host organizations (see our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct) & to promote environmental awareness.

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We ensure the quality of our programs:

- We only work with acknowledged ​& ​established companies ​& organizations in Indonesia.

- We help to develop an individual internship program assignments, academic writing consultancy (thesis, research, data support) ​& assessment.

- We monitor​ the success of all​ placements regularly through our host supervisors, feedback visits ​& personal feedback.

Meet our team

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Laura Korwa

Role: Managing Director

Education: English Literature Airlangga University Surabaya & Cultural Studies Udayana University


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Rima Maulida

Role: Project Coordinator

Education: Apprenticeship in Germany


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Flora Kusuma

Role: Social Media & Content Manager (Cherative studio Bali)

Education: Faculty of Arts and Design at Petra Christian University Surabaya, Indonesia


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Samuel Hartono

Role: Activity Manager

Education: Marketing Management, Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia


Wahyu Gunawan

Role: Media and Documentation

Education: Institute of Technology and Business (ITB) STIKOM Bali, Indonesia


Celebrating our 12 years of togetherness!