Internship Programs in Bali

Bali Internships Child Protection Policy

Having worked closely with the children of developing communities and international volunteers since 2007 we understand the importance of protecting children from any harm or abuse. As a professional and responsible agency Bali Internships is therefore committed to ensure the safety, rights and freedom of children through effective policies and processes. All volunteers and interns have a responsibility to support the safety and protection of children.


This policy applies to all of Bali Internships staff members, processes, operations, as well as international volunteers and interns or participants of the programs. This policy is complemented by the Bali Internships Code of Conduct.

It also considers, that Bali Internships is not solely responsible for the safety and protection of children in the volunteer programs.


A child refers to every person below the age of 18 years.

Child abuse refers to sexual abuse or other physical or mental harm caused to a child.

Volunteers and interns refers to every participant who was placed through Bali Internships.

Host project coordinator refers to the person in charge of the host organization, institution or company.

Equality and non-discrimination

Bali Internships is committed to enforcing a policy of non-discrimination. All children who have an interaction with volunteers or interns shall be treated and protected regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity.

Roles and Responsibilities

Project Coordinators:

Bali Internship project coordinator are responsible to ensure that the child protection policy is distributed to all local project coordinator and volunteers. The coordinator is responsible to collect and review the criminal record of each volunteer and intern.

Host organization/institutions/companies:

All hosts are required to immediately report any suspicious behavior of the volunteer or intern to Bali Internships Project Coordinators.

International partners of Bali Internships:

International partners of Bali Internships are to be informed about the importance of this child protection policy and are requested to inform volunteer and interns before their departure to Bali.

Volunteers and interns of Bali Internships:

Each volunteer and intern is asked to arrange a copy of their criminal record in their home country. Once they arrive in Bali they will receive a copy of this Child Protection Policy and the Code of Conduct which must be understood, acknowledged and signed.

Recruitment and monitoring of volunteers:

- All Bali Internships staff members are informed of the Child Protection Policy and must acknowledge and sign them.

- Volunteers must arrange a copy of their criminal records in their home country as part of the application process. Without this document a volunteer or intern will not be accepted in any Bali Internships program.

- Bali Internships reserves the right to reject an applicant if the criminal records are not provided or is, based on the criminal records, not suitable for the programs.

- Bali Internships host organization/company/institution manager are to monitor the volunteers behavior within the program and provide a review to Bali Internships Project Coordinator on a regular basis.

Code of Conduct for the protection of children

By signing the child protection policy and the code of conduct for the protection of children, the volunteer or intern understands, that if in any case or action of defiance the volunteer or intern will be excluded from the program with immediate effect.

- It is strictly prohibited to take any children outside the project site to an excursion to the beach, to the volunteer house or anywhere else, unless it is not confirmed by the host project coordinator (orphanage/ school manager or mum).

- It is not permitted to bring food or presents for the children unless it is acknowledged and confirmed by the host project coordinator.

- Photography and videos of children are only allowed with prior approval from the host project coordinator. No pictures or videos are permitted, which expose the vulnerability of the children in public, to shame or to belittle the children.

- Posting pictures or videos online in any form has to be acknowledged by the host project coordinator.- No inappropriate physical contact is allowed which appears to be in a discriminating or sexual way.

- When dealing with children, volunteers are not allowed to exert inappropriate physical force to the children.

- The address or location of the host institution (orphanage, children home etc) is not to be communicated to any other person not associated with the program, the host project coordinator or Bali Internships.

Please note, this is not an exclusive list. Any suspicious action, which harms the mission of the child protection policy but is not mentioned here, will result in exclusion of the program and legal action.


I have read and understand the Bali Internships Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children. I agree to follow all the procedures within this policy. I also acknowledge, that if in any case I fail to abide the rules of this policy, I will be excluded from the program and stop any personal contact with the children or person in charge of the program with immediate effect. I understand, that the visa sponsorship from the host organization is to end immediately and further appropriate action may be taken which can lead to immediate deportation.