Internship Programs in Bali

Average Living Expenses in Bali

Indonesia is considered to be affordable for students to live in​ compared to studying in bigger cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta or Surabaya​. This is something you will find out quickly after your arrival in Bali. Here you will see with which additional costs you will face during your time in Bali. Read more about our latest article on living budget in Bali.


The amount of money you will spend on food depends on your eating habits. If you ​enjoy Indonesia's most authentic way of eating out, ​eat​ing​ at a local warung will ​let you ​spend around 2€ for a proper meal with drink. But if you prefer to eat western food you will spend more (at least 5€ but probably even more​ depending on the location of the place​).


​Going to the laundry shop would be one of the most common things to do when living in Bali. As it is quite rare for any accommodation such as guest houses, apartments or shared villas to be equipped with washing machines, using the public laundry service can be convenient. Average laundry costs are around starting from 1€/$ for one kilogram of laundry.

Phone Credit

In ​most of accommodations​ in Bali​, public spaces such as cafes, restaurants, spas, sports club and so forth you will ​find wifi. Therefore 2GB mobile data plus some credit for calling your friends should be enough per month. This will cost you around 5€.

Visa Extension

The amount of money you have to prepare for visa extensions depends on how long you will stay in Bali. The Visa Extension Fee itself is around 165€ for another 60 days of visa validity via a sponsor/independent agent.

Scooter Rental + Petrol

Renting a scooter will cost around starting from 73 € per month for an automatic scooter with 110 CC power. Petrol​'s price is quite affordable​ in Indonesia and 1 liter will be around 0.70€.


How much money you want to spend on trips to explore Bali is eventually up to you. You can minimize expenses if you spend a bit more time organizing as much as you can by yourself instead of using a travel agent or trip packages.

Sports and fun activities

Surfing, yoga, snorkeling, parties – how you like to design your free time is your own responsibility. These are personal expenses we cannot predict as we don't know your preferences. Here is a list of activities and approximate costs that might vary from time to time.

  • Surf lessons at the beach in Kuta starting from 250.000 IDR/ in Canggu 350.000 IDR

  • Surf guiding half day starting from 550.000 IDR Yoga lesson 150.000 IDR per lesson

  • Snorkeling starting from 150.000 IDR per lesson incl. equipment