Sustainability and Environmental Consulting Internship a Sustainable Products Brand in Bali

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8 weeks-24 weeks


Sanur/Ubud/Canggu, Bali, Indonesia


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This Bali based company, aims to balance the twenty first century human needs and nature by offering ecological alternatives to everyday products. The global startup's main work is to develop, design and sell products that are accessible, sustainable and stylish. The catalog includes a vast number of products from coconut shells to reusable toiletries and biodegradable tableware to edible straws.

Beyond its own product catalog, its expertise also goes into helping other companies source other sustainable products they are looking for, sustainable products within the fashion, lifestyle, home, accessories industry Apply to intern with positions such as its research and consultation team if you are enthusiastic about sustainable alternatives and smart solutions to live up to the caring of the planet earth through every’s way of living and consumptions.

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