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Marketing and Social Media Internship for a Fashion Artisan Jewelry Company

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12 weeks-24 weeks


Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia


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About the internship


A brand-new company in Seminyak, Bali, specializing in fashion jewelry with a unique concept of a diverse range of shapes, colors and metals. Its collection embodies commitment to creating designer jewelry never seen before, entirely hand crafted, changing the perception of artisan jewelry. The main source of the work’s inspiration comes from Sumba and  Bali, where heritage, artistry and craftsmanship are respectively appreciated and expressed in every possible way throughout its rich and ancient culture. 

A wide range of specialists worked hard for several months to design and fine-tune every tiny detail to perfect an extraordinary jewelry collection. The jewelry process of work is defined by a unique blend of timeless Italian finesse and the beauty of the Balinese people’s relaxed way of living and their distinct mindset. 

The jewelry’s interpretation of both Bali’s worldwide appeal and Italian design has resulted in an entire collection that is glamorous, funky, colorful, and contemporary. Each piece of the jewelry is exclusively handcrafted by highly experienced and specialized artisans.  

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