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Life-Changing Experience in Bali as a Volunteer in a Turtle Conservation Center

“On my five-months living in Bali experience, I have become much more self-reliant through my life journey”, Julia, Ludwig-Frank-Gymnasium, Mannheim, Germany.

Getting used to Asia

Prior to my volunteering with the conservation center, I was already in Bali for three months before deciding to get involved in the voluntary program. At the beginning of my journey, I was excited to be in Asia and to get to know new cultures, but it took me some time to get used to my surroundings. I also experienced an earthquake for the very first time in my life. It was scary, but it showed me the deep bond people have as strangers even in the most difficult situation.

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Days of Service in the Turtle Conservation Center

So on my first day, I tried to be a little more prepared by reading through the information about the turtles beforehand. A bit nervous but full of anticipation, we were driven to the conservation. The team at the conservation showed us around our new workplace and explained the future tasks. Basically, we needed to clean up the basins of turtles on a daily basis and gave tours for tourists and told them more about what the conservations do.

I volunteered with my cousin in the Turtle Conservation Center and another volunteer from America called Jenna and two Indonesian volunteers. In general, the most exciting part of my service during the program would be when we share important messages and information from the turtle conservation center as well as to get to know the visitors’ interest and passion with marine life and with conservationists work such as the center.

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The Fascinating Bali

Before I came to this island, never have I thought that strangers could be very welcoming and lovely. Here in Bali, in moments where I needed help, I could always rely on someone and never felt alone. I particularly realized that people in Bali appreciate even the littlest thing. Everyone respects each other. On my five-months Bali experience, I have become much more self-reliant through the journey. Balinese culture has shown me the importance of good karma. I had an amazing time and met wonderful people who will always be in my heart. Every day was an adventure and all the conversations I had with so many people showed me how wonderful life is. Thank you, Bali for the time and lessons I will never forget. I will come back again for sure!

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