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Landscape Architect Internship for Permaculture Designers and Consultants in Bali

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Minimum 16 weeks-24 weeks


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


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About the internship


The company provides consultation and design services in regenerative-landscaping and sustainable-building. Its specialty is using permaculture design to create regenerative living systems integrated with energy efficient natural structures such as tiny-homes, gazebos, and pavilions. The scope of its landscape design ranges from small home garden systems to large agroforestry & farming systems, and everything in-between. The materials & techniques they typically use for sustainable building include recycled hardwood timber, cob, earthbag, rammed-earth, and stone masonry. Its natural garden & building designs aesthetically blend elements of the natural earth-tones and sacred-geometry, along with modern elements. Their vision is to create inspiring beautiful and functional systems where families and communities can live integrated with nature, with production exceeding consumption.

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