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English Teacher Internship for Bali's Language School

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4 to 24 weeks


Canggu, Bali, Indonesia


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This internship program is highly beneficial for future language teachers who want to teach English as a second language or for those who study languages and would like to expand knowledge on developing teaching materials, methodology and approaches where its end goal is to help students to learn naturally and effectively.

The language school provides online and in-person English and Indonesian lessons to international learners. They believe that a language is a cultural bridge that connects people from different cultures, the main goal to learn a new language is to communicate. The school’s approach is to focus on meaningful communication over complicated grammar rules. As a start, they always teach learners simple and appropriate colloquial Indonesian so learners can build connections with local people right away. Its team consists of ten talented teachers who speak fluent English. The school is located in a beautiful area of Tibubeneng, surrounded by rice fields and 10 minutes away from Canggu beaches.

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