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Bali Internships Profile Article

Who We Are

Being one of the first agencies of its kind in Bali since 2009, we have been established with years of experience and solid networks all around Bali, Gilis, and Nusa Tenggara Timur. Started from our awareness towards the amount of struggle and effort it might take to land a reliable internship with quality, abroad; we exist to mediate where potential programs offered online are not all reliable. We are here to ensure that one’s internship placement is successful and valuable.

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With a small but well-knit team, it took us years to be fully stabled in perfecting our programs. Faithfully committed to providing educational, social, and cultural programs that encourage intercultural learning, for almost a decade we have been flourished with trust, support, and friendships, that motivate us to consistently do what we do. Being part of Bali’s local community, we manage our business to operate for our community’s benefit. Not only do we support existing profit companies and nonprofit organizations, we constantly work together with local family businesses such as accommodations, scooter rentals, and transport services.

Your Success is Our Success

Taking each of our client’s applications in earnest, we are very committed to carefully match our applicants’ backgrounds with open positions. We will also assist applicants in developing individual internship contracts, before monitoring them daily to make sure of their safety and the bliss of their new internships. With our service, we are dedicated to make sure of your safety and internship preparation before coming to Bali.

Our Programs

Over 90 internship and voluntary work programs from the most reliable sites, companies, and Non-Governmental Organizations are available for you to create your valuable experiences with. We are responsible to carefully filter our potential interns’ and volunteers’ skills, passions, and interests, to benefit both our clients and our host-sites.

About Our Internships Program

Most likely suitable for high school graduates, university students, and university graduates who want to receive practical training at a company or NGO in Bali, our internship programs are opened for all kinds of potential candidates. All companies of the Bali Internships network will give you the opportunity to make an impact on the company's everyday operations. Some internships are more relaxed, leaving you enough time to travel while interning, while some others might be a little more intense or extremely busy, providing you with lots of professional knowledge. Whichever internship we will connect you to, will for definite leave a positive mark in your CV and life. You will be given the chance to learn to adapt to a new working culture independently and see the whole picture of running businesses in South East Asia.

About Volunteering

We are aware of how delicate it is to even bring up voluntary topics as agencies that offer social projects that require international volunteer’s involvement. But within all the years that we have taken, we manage to build trustful and reliable connections of existing organizations all around Bali that are not made-up and are legal.

We identify where supports are needed, where volunteers’ motivation, skills, and background could favor community development. We believe and are aware of the fact that just because you are volunteering, you are not necessarily doing something good. Together with the site project coordinators, we find the best task description for the volunteers, with the aim of developing the programs’ sustainability.

Why Bali?

Everything; Bali is the ultimate land of networking, in which you can expand your networks limitlessly. Everyone from all over the world is stepping their feet on Bali and is creating chances for others and themselves, and you can always be one of them. Bali’s authenticity will also in a way, mesmerize you and contribute to your self-growth and development as an individual. Bali’s culture, norms, and spirituality will gift you with life lessons to bring back home. Their authenticity though does not project fanatism in any way, nor prevent Bali and its local communities from being tolerant. In short, Bali has everything we need as a human being, from spirituality, culture, natural beauty, and social interactions, that will support us in reaching a higher level of awareness as an individual and social person.

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