Zara's Story Hitting the Internship Jackpot in Bali, Indonesia during the Pandemic

“It took me less than 2 weeks to feel that this was the job that I was very drawn to- the job that is very me.” Zara, Diyatmika Highschool Fresh Graduate, Indonesia.

Having originally lived in Bali didn’t stop me from wanting a good growth-stimulating experience in the Island of Gods, right after I graduated highschool. I immediately thought of doing something fun yet useful for my present and future self, such as an internship, and that’s when I came across Bali Internships who helped me out throughout the process.

I would consider myself very lucky, specifically with the internship placement, it’s almost as if I hit the jackpot! I applied for a Marketing and Communication position in a Bali based local chocolate factory, and little did I know that it would be just the perfect match for me. After only 2 weeks, I already fell in love with the work and its environment. I was very drawn to the job, it’s just very much me! My boss or I would say leader, was truly amazing. She was always very professional and helpful. She was in fact the best thing about my overall internship experience. She helped me push myself and got out of my comfort zone. She always made herself clear with my tasks and had been nothing but supportive. I really appreciated the effort and patience she put on guiding me throughout my internship period.

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My first day in the project was not intense whatsoever. I first met Rima, a very cheerful and smart team of Bali Internships in the car, who took me to my first meeting with my boss in the factory. I was given a brief insight into my project as well as my tasks and responsibilities as an intern. I did not feel nervous at all, instead, I felt very welcomed and as a bonus, I received free chocolate! The atmosphere was just absolutely warm and supportive.

One of the most significant experiences I learned was the importance of speaking up about your opinions. Your voice matters in each discussion and whatever role you have in the team you are still part of it. You shouldn’t be afraid to be criticized when contributing and should only be confident.

My tasks in the project focused on social media marketing and content creation, with main online platforms being Instagram and Tik Tok. It did not take long for me to gain my boss’ trust and receive more responsibilities, which I honestly enjoy doing. Of course there was a moment in which I felt a little stressed and overwhelmed, but that’s completely normal remembering this project being my very first internship.

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The local chocolate factory that I am interning in the marketing and communication for holds onto a vision to empower local farmers by working with them hand in hand to create products at their finest. They understand the struggles faced by local farmers and organic production- and on top of that help to find solutions to create a better life for the farmers.

I absolutely love my time interning and living in Bali. Bali is amazing in so many ways; beautiful beaches, delicious food, and friendly people, what else can you ask for?! Not only that, it’s very easy to move around and be mobile in Bali even if you don’t rent or have your own scooter or transportation. You can always hop on online transportation with a fairly decent price, and off you go!

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My favorite thing to do is to go down by the beach in Uluwatu, sit by the cliff with my good friends and just blast off the music while watching the sun go down. But one of the best trips was when we woke up at 3am to climb Mount Batur, it was like entering a completely different world. Which was then followed by a stop to a hot spring with nobody but our crew being there to rest our legs for a while. Then, we went to Bedugul and visited the best waterfall I have ever been to, on the way. We stayed the night in a beautiful resort and woke up super early the next morning to go fishing and watch the dolphins. We ended the trip in Menjangan, where the water was unbelievably crystal clear, before going back to Bedugul and staying a night in a different resort. 

Overall, I would really recommend doing an internship in Bali especially for my fellow fresh graduates. Having a good internship is very beneficial in a way that it gives you experience in real life as well as on your CV- and if you can do that while living in a paradise with endless spots to explore, why not? :)

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