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My Volunteer Abroad Experience at Primary School in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

“Working with children as a teacher has shown me what my future career can hold, a new perspective.” Simon, IT Consultant, Materna Information & Communications SE, Germany

My daily routine as a volunteer

My volunteer work at the primary school in Kerobokan has been great, I was assisting the class teacher with English subjects, art and sports. I was assigned with two different groups of various ages. The children were super cool, and most of the time my students enjoy learning new words in each class conduct. I was having another volunteer assigned to work with me at that time, we were there to create new ideas and come up with new games to keep the children engaged and keep their attention. We feel that our work and support has been well-appreciated as the students’ reactions and thoughts were shared positively. I was also starting to learn a little bit of conversational Indonesian in order to understand and communicate with the children better. I sometimes stayed at the kindergarten after the classes to talk to the kids to find out more about them and their culture. I also adored the teachers who always tried their best to talk and give me instructions and assistance, even though with some language barriers.

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My Bali experience and how much Bali has given me

I am an active person, and I am glad I can still do many cool activities here in Bali. From futsal, cheerleader, rock climbing, parkour, and even helping friend's work as a model. I never wasted any second of my time here in Bali; I always filled my time during my travel with great things to recall. What I missed the most will obviously be the food, my new friends, and the activity I have done for those four weeks in Bali. The only thing that I will not be missing is the terrible traffic.

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Finally, and most importantly, I feel that my volunteer experience working with these children has shown me how I enjoy being a teacher. It has shown me that teaching or education in general could be an option for my future professional career. During my volunteer abroad time in Bali, I have aspired that foreign cultures are still one of my most important interests that never get boring. Dealing with different cultures and ways of living is something that I want to keep in my life, in conclusion it is my hope to always travel and work in different parts of the world. Having to come to Bali and just become a volunteer has taught me that it is never a bad idea to go for something that you do not know or what to expect, taking risks and making new experiences are the two things I never want to miss because life is not happening in your comfort zone.Thank you very much, Bali Internships, for this great experience! I will always recommend it.

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