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Maike’s Volunteer Experience Supporting an NGO Pre School in Denpasar, Bali

“Volunteering at the NGO Pre School has been one of the greatest times of my life. The teachers and students will always be in my heart.” Maike, Pullach ͖Ottfried Preuiler Gymnasium, Germany.

First day as a volunteer

My first day at school was fascinating because everything was new to me. The teachers, Mrs. Marlina and Prisila, were friendly and welcoming, they explained me everything I needed to know to start off my first weeks as a volunteer in the school. All students were delighted to get to know me, this is what has made it easier for me to start my duties assisting the teachers and to be part of the team.

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My daily tasks volunteering in the school as a co-teacher assistant

After getting to know what the school’s semester’s theme is, I was informed to prepare several lessons to conduct in the classrooms. During my 4 weeks volunteering as a co-teacher assistant, I have been delivering beginner English subjects such as learning the alphabets, numbers, new vocabularies, some lessons were discussing about occupations, and sometimes we learn the subject through singing, and dancing. My favorite part during my volunteering was when I was given the time and place to have some dialogues with the children to practice what they have learned. Finally, at the end of the day when all lessons are done, I also assist the teachers to check and review the students' textbooks or homework.

There is always something challenging in a new environment and newness of everything in life, and the only thing that was kind of rather difficult during my service as a volunteer in the school was to communicate with the students because of the language barrier. Fortunately, like everything else in life, with time, difficulties become lessened as not only did the students learn a new language, but I also learn Bahasa while being there.

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Volunteering at this NGO Pre School has been one of the greatest times of my life

Teaching the students and seeing their progress in the English language kept me motivated every week, they were friendly and open to everything I prepared for the class. They enjoyed singing and dancing to English kindergarten songs. Now that my program ended, I am already missing the time so much, the experience made everyone in the school, the teachers and the students to stay in my heart. Throughout my volunteering time, I have learned that smiles and hugs can sometimes express more than words, getting to know the Balinese culture, the friendly Indonesians are the things I really enjoy during my time spent in my volunteering program, not to mention the warm weather and beautiful beaches.

My best weeks in Bali, Indonesia

Prior to my voluntary work program starting I decided to go on a surf camp, and learn how to surf at the same time I wanted to explore Bali with a different environment. And the time I spent at the surf camp was amazing! It has given me many good energy and positive vibes to finally start my volunteer program with the NGO School. During this time, I visited Ubud; I love the city, the spirit, the restaurants, the market, and the fact that you can walk around comfortably compared Bali’s capital city, Denpasar, as it is rather crowded.

Finally, it is impossible not to bring up one of the many things why I enjoyed my time in Bali is because of the food! I love the local food, especially Nasi goreng and Mie goreng. Also, it is a very convenient surprise to learn how easy delicious it is to find vegan food. Acai bowls and all vegan foods were also good, Bali definitely has a broad range of cuisine, and it has quite a lot of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. I enjoyed my time in Bali and will definitely come back to Bal! :)

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