Internship Programs in Bali

Volunteering in Tourism Vocational High School

In order to experience the difference between a German and an Indonesian High School, Mona decided to support the High School Project in Ubud for several weeks. In her report she gives us a small insight in her daily tasks and struggles during her time in Bali.

The purpose of my project

I took part in the project of the tourism High school in Payangan/ Ubud. I have chosen this school because I wanted to experience the differences between a German and an Indonesian vocational school.

The school concept is very refined and convincing. Firstly, the school provides a special payment system. Every family has to pay an amount which is appropriate to the parent’s income. This guarantees an affordable education for low-income families. Secondly the school does not only offer classes in Tourism, Hotel management and English. Additionally the organisation started to build an Eco Hotel which at the same time will serve as a training center.

To my mind this combination of theoretical knowledge and work experience, combined in one place, gives students the best education and thus training for getting reasonable jobs in the field of tourism.

My daily work

As an intern of this school I was involved in teaching English and Tourism management. A typical school day started at 7.30 a.m. and finished around 1 p.m., including a 20-minute break for breakfast/ lunch. During my first days, I started to assist the Balinese teachers in their teaching methods. I noticed that it was very important for the pupils to have teachers from other parts than Indonesia because the Indonesian accent is very different from the Western one. Later on I prepared and taught lessons on my own. The rising responsibility proved to be a challenge and was so much fun. Every teacher tried to help as much as they could do.

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During this project I lived in a traditional host family. This was the best thing which could happen to me. This family hosted me like their own child, so that I could live and experience the real Balinese life in a village. They were very involved in the community life and explained me everything I wanted to know about their Balinese Hinduism culture.

Of course, Balinese life in big cities is more modern and differs a lot from the life in the villages. But to my mind you experience the traditional Balinese culture in a village like Payangan/ Ubud as its best. They were so much open-minded and welcomed me in the friendliest way. The time in Payangan was the best time, because I got to know so many Balinese friends and I got a second family. I still miss them so much.

If you have the chance to choose a project in Bali, you should choose this one, because it will give you the real Balinese experiences and you will be filled with all the love of this family which you will never forget!

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