Volunteer as a Kindergarten Teacher and The Priceless Experience Gained in Bali

“This experience of being a volunteer as a teacher has solidified my choice to work with children and make a difference in their lives” Katie, North Kent College, Kent, UK

Why I decided to volunteer in Bali

This August 2019 I spent 1-month volunteering as English teacher support in an NGO kindergarten andI loved every moment spent there! I wanted to help young children learn a new language and experience a different culture by working abroad.

The Arrival and Introduction

When I first arrived in Indonesia, I was very nervous and excited about taking on a new challenge and being away from home. I immediately met the children from class A for an introduction and went into the real work the day after. My first day was great, my fellow teachers were amazing and never stopped supporting me despite the language barrier at times; google translate came in handy. The children seemed happy to be at school and were fully engaged in the process of teaching. They enjoyed learning English in ways that I had planned.

What the Children Are Learning

The topics I have covered during their process of learning included: body parts, colors, family, school, and Indonesian history. They once had an Independence Day and needed to learn about their own culture, so I was forced to be bilingual for that day’s class, what a challenge! Also because of Independence Day we had a fun sports day with both classes together to celebrate, they played games and ran races with Indonesian flags. This was amazing, to be part of Indonesia and gain more understanding about it.

I had become more confident in teaching. I knew before I went away that I wanted to teach and work with young children but this experience has solidified my choice to work with children and make a difference in their lives. Seeing their progress day by day will be a memory I treasure forever. I have learned a lot from this experience; to know that I can achieve anything if I want to.

Invaluable Values Through the Experience

I will miss Bali and the school a lot, I will return to see how the school has progressed over time. Exploring Bali on my off-hours, across the island is one of my favorite things. Although I saw some beautiful parts of Bali, I think what I will miss the most is my interactions with the students, the locals, and each attempt to communicate. The Language I’ve taught them and vice versa is a priceless exchange. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming in Bali and I would recommend anyone that wanted to help make a difference to come and volunteer in Bali.

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