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Precious Moments That Shape My Life: The Meaningful Internship Story of Florian

"Try to give every student an equal chance to participate and gently motivate students that are rather shy or reserved. Try to make it a safe and fun environment for the children to fully show their potential" Florian, Regensburg University of Germany.

After finishing his education at Regensburg University of Germany, Florian finally found an opportunity to actually practice his skills upfront. Safe to say that his internship experience in Bali is a memorable one. He gained so much meaningful experience and insight in the process, as he supported in not one, but two schools on the island. Here is his wonderful insight.

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The beginning and my role

For some people, going abroad for a while feels like an adventure. It's exciting and scary all at once. Just like what Florian felt when he first arrived in Bali. "My first expression of Bali was overwhelming. I’ve never traveled this far before, let alone on my own. It was a scary thought" he said. "When I finally (after a 12-hour-flight and a taxi ride I will never forget) arrived at my accommodation, little did I know that I would call this place my home very soon." Florian also recalled the very same night after his arrival in Bali, he was sitting outside of his apartment room, staring at the stars. From the start he knows that this will be one of the best decisions in his life.

During his stay in Bali, Florian was assigned to support at two NGO Pre-School in the Kerobokan region. He described his daily tasks as 'diverse and fun'. Every weekday, Florian wakes up at 7am and spends two hours with pre-school children; singing, playing games and teaching them basic English. Additionally, Florian was teaching German language to older students at another NGO School. Actually, he admits he had such a great time it didn't even feel like assignments.  "I got to know many people at both schools, teachers, students and parents alike and I must say they were the most wonderful people" Florian said. "The grade level of the students varied from lesson to lesson, which made each period fun in its own way" he added.

The insider tips for future volunteers and interns

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So, after being an ‘alumni’ himself, Florian gave some wonderful tips for anyone who would come to support as a volunteer or internship in Bali's NGO School. He said that you must always adapt to the flow of the lesson. "Try to give every student an equal chance to participate and gently motivate students that are rather shy or reserved. Try to make it a safe and fun environment for the children to fully show their potential". Florian also thinks it is important to really have fun while teaching. It could have a really big impact on the overall mood of a classroom. "Don’t be intimidated by your tasks and you will find that this may be the best experience you’ll ever have. Be social, interact not only with the students but also the teachers, and you will have a great time" 

Then, Florian also gave several handy 'insider' knowledge for anyone who would like to follow his steps of doing internship or volunteer work in Bali. For daily eating, he encourages everyone to go to 'warung'. It's cheap and delicious, and will give you a taste of living life like the locals. Then, he also suggested renting a scooter and exploring as much of the island as possible during your stay. "Also go and attend the Bali Internships volunteer gatherings, they’re really fun! Go out there, meet new people, make experiences, and enjoy your time!"

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The memories and my future career

Overall, Florian was also really impressed with the people that he met during his two months internship. " I’ve met the most lovely, welcoming, funny and overall nicest people ever during my stay. On one hand, the teachers were the best coworkers I have ever had, some of which actually invited me for dinner and we had a great time. It also made work even more enjoyable". Florian also gives credit to the children he taught at school. He said they were the sweetest and he is so thankful to meet them. Having to plan to study to become a teacher himself one day, this voluntary work experience has definitely mean going to the right direction of his career choice. "I’ve also made some really great friends that I will never forget" he remarks. "My co-volunteers will always have a special place in my heart and I wish them the best, wherever they are”

Looking back at his time in Bali, Florian confirmed that it contributed a huge part to the person he became today. He was thankful for every second that he had the privilege to experience doing an internship in Bali. "I will always think about it with a bitter-sweet feeling because I wish it lasted forever. But I know for certain that one day I will return to that beautiful Island and find the part of me that was left there"

By Billy Bagus

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