My Volunteer Teach Experience in Kerobokan NGO Pre-School in Bali

"Being a volunteer teacher in this NGO Pre School, makes me realize how much I enjoy working with children. I think I know what I want to be, a teacher” Maximilian, Friedrich-List-Gymnasium Asperg, Germany

Not the greatest first impression, but…

My Bali travel was my first trip alone to far east Asian country. So naturally, on my first time arriving, it seemed quite confusing because it was late night, dark and the traffic was chaotic and intimidating on my form the airport, something I have never seen before in my life. The first time I reached my volunteer accommodation, a local Balinese home-stay, I met the owner, she was nice. She guided my way and showed me where my room was. At that time, there were supposed to be the other 3 volunteers in the home-stay but they were not at home, so I went to bed quite early and was up the next day at 5 in the morning. The next day, I walked along the neighborhood and there were street dogs barking and grunting, it was pretty scary. So I decided to went back to my room and just waited for Rima to pick me up for the first volunteer introduction day. I was hoping my day will get better, and it did.

My first day

After I met Rima from Bali Internships, she explained everything about the program, volunteering in Bali, being in Bali, and so on. Later that day, she accompanied me to the schools and introduced me to the headmasters. When the volunteer introduction finished, Rima took me for a ride to get my sim card activated in the XL provider center in Kuta. I remember that after 15 minutes of driving, I told her: “I love Bali!”. I think from this moment, I liked Bali and fell in love with the friendly people, the culture, the awesome beaches and the food.

After that, I got helped from Bali Internships to rent a scooter and so on the same day, where I instantly I learned how to ride a scooter. At first, I was nervous about driving the scooter, the other co-volunteers showed me around the Kerobokan area where we live, after the first two weeks, I got more comfortable and realize it just as easy as riding a bike. So, don’t be scared just be careful and drive slowly and safely.

I found my purpose of life

For me, my third and fourth I found it to be the best weeks! At this time, I have already got familiar with my work in the school, my students, and the teachers. I got used to my schedule, my scooter, my neighborhood-family and my way around my Bali life. I enjoyed it so much to go to the school and teach the children, to see their progress, especially in the NGO school. It was incredible how warm-hearted the people are there and with how much joy they came to work every day. Being a volunteer at the NGO school, Bali has helped me to think about my future career. I found that I enjoyed working with children and teaching them, so thanks to this program, I think I know what I want to be, a teacher.

Locals know best

On the weekends and after school, I get the chance with the other volunteers to explore many places all over the island, enjoyed the sun at the beach and the tasty food. We also made friends with our Balinese and Indonesian neighbors, who showed us the best places to get a cheap seafood dinner, the best secret spots for amazing photos and where you can buy great and low-priced gifts for friends.

I think in Bali I learned a lot about myself and able to get along by myself even without anyone close to me like how it was on my home. I tried to learn and speak a little bit Indonesian to communicate with the teachers, not only I find Bahasa was an interesting language but also the Indonesian really like it if they knew you tried to learn and speak in their language, it expresses your appreciation of their culture and they will not hesitate to help you correcting the words if you pronounce it wrong.

For future volunteers

If you want to take part of this volunteer teaching program in Bali, you have to be open-minded. Do not stick to your regular life back home, enjoy being in this island and adjust, be friendly and try new places for dinner especially local food. Just like how I found the best Nasi Goreng and fell in love with the Indonesian-Chinese cuisine in a “Warung” near our place.

It was really hard for me to leave Bali as I had one of the best times in my life here, but unfortunately, I had to come back to the reality and take my flight back to Germany. Thanks to all the people I met there! Without you, it would not have been as wonderful, great, beautiful and gorgeous as it was. See you later!

Did you get inspired by Maximilian's story?