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My Volunteer Teach Experience in an NGO Preschool and ​Elementary school in Kerobokan, Bali

​"Bali is just magical, I had so many beautiful moments where I just thought about how beautiful our world is. If I have the opportunity, all roads will lead to Bali again​"​ Anna, Pediatric Nursing Education & Training, University Heidelberg, Germany

It has been a while since our Volunteer teaching in a NGO Pre School in Kerobokan program received volunteer support. Last year we had wonderful support from our beloved volunteer from France, Alexis and we are thrilled that entering the new year we were able to finally send support to assist the Pre School teaching program with our first volunteer. Our volunteer is from Germany, Anna, she is currently pursuing her study of Pediatric Nursing Education & Training, University Heidelberg, Germany. We’d like to share Anna’s report on her 5 weeks of volunteer teaching in the school along with lovely Miss Marina, Miss Priscilla and the students!

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It was a wonderful time, I could collect so many good impressions

On the first day I was warmly welcomed in my volunteer accommodation in Kerobokan, a few minutes drive from the school. Rima, my program coordinator from Bali Internships visited me and introduced me to the school to meet the teachers and my future students. My first day was very lovely, I was excited, but the children and also the teachers were able to take that away very quickly. I was very warmly welcomed and the children were happy to meet me.

The teachers were also very warm and I quickly felt integrated and comfortable. It was also very nice that they wanted me to stay on the first day, which made me very happy. The start with the teaching then started a day later and this was also very warm and you could quickly find a connection. Because I only had five weeks, I was aware that the connection should come faster. However, from the first moment you felt very comfortable and connected. The teachers took you into their hearts and welcomed you so much that I felt integrated within the first week and was very grateful to be part of the team. I was given tasks and responsibility from the first moment.

My tasks given as a volunteer were quite meaningful. I assisted the teachers with lesson preparations, checking and reviewing the students’ homework, assisting with teaching and lessons which were conducted in English (such as alphabet, weekends, numbers, arithmetic). 

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Being alone with yourself brings out the best of you

During my volunteering in the school I did not feel lost or uninterested, I was homesick for a short moment, but I think that's part of being alone on the other side of the world. Fortunately, that passed quickly, because you have such warm people around you. A bit of words for future volunteers who want to support this program, dare to be there with your heart and just bring fun and everything comes by itself. I could take a lot of lessons I have learned with me through the people in Bali, through the teachers and also my students. The people are all so warm and sweet, you always feel more than welcome. People enjoy small things and are happy, small wonderful moments are appreciated and all people are united by culture. I could grow, I could find myself with the help of the teachers, the children, the culture, traditions and simply the atmosphere.

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I liked it so much, this island is just magical, I had so many beautiful moments where I just thought how beautiful our world is. This island offers so much, from the beach to the mountains, to the jungle. The people are so warm and you feel so comfortable, the people are so friendly and smile at you anytime. They welcome you so much and the people make you feel so good and let you be part of Bali. I will especially miss the calm nature and just this feeling that people are satisfied with what they have and do not always strive for more. 

I had many wonderful moments in Bali, I think one of my most enchanting moments was in Sidemen, that was just magical. I can't describe how beautiful it was, the landscape, the rice fields, the water, the sun, just everything. I also went on some trips to Gili island, Nusa Penida, it also has so much to offer and enchanted me. Finally, Uluwatu is a wonderful place that is just incredibly beautiful, these must have been my most favorite beaches in Bali.

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