Internship Programs in Bali

My Social Internship in an NGO High School as a Volunteer Teacher

"I came to Bali with the intention to give as much as I can, but in reality, I received even more than I thought I have given" Neil, Regent’s Business School, London, UK

First days in Bali

I visited Bali, Ubud, with my good friends from the same university for a 3 weeks’ social internship or a voluntary work program abroad. Luigi, Mathias, and I, have been welcomed as kings by Laura and Rima from Bali Internships. On my first day I was introduced the volunteer chief in the school Mr. Niko, as soon enough I have been introduced slowly to all of the students in the vocational high school. I think I have never seen so many smiles on the same day, not even waiting at the entrance of a teeth whitening dentist.

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What I do as a Volunteer

Since day one, I was amazed by mister Niko’s good intentions towards us volunteers and his students, he has fair character. As a volunteer, our main tasks were to assist Mr. Niko to run the informal English subject classes that are normally held between mornings and noontime. Our classroom was also quite casual, which is in the training hotel school’s little lobby close by the restaurant area.

During our voluntary work program in the school as English co-teachers, our students are not obliged to join the classes, although many of the students were interested to join daily since the lessons were mostly interactive and fun. We were given freedom by Mr. Niko to create and prepare our own teaching materials where we were able to improvise with our work and how we suppose to interact with our students. Mr. Niko was very trusting with our work and commitment and this is where we feel we needed to deliver our best. I have been blessed that a certain amount of students was coming during our lessons and even kept on attending to our classes, we even have been regarded as the greatest English teachers the students ever had. Other than conducting interactive English classes, we also did some maintenance on the school’s training hotel’s website. It was a quite flexible yet responsible week we had during our volunteering with the high school.

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To give and to get back

It was no doubt that the excitement and enthusiasm was mutual between us volunteers and the students whom we support despite in a short time yet felt to be meaningful. I personally came to Bali with the intention to give as much as I can, but in reality, I received even more than I thought I would have given. I still have a lot of feelings and memories coming up to my head that I find difficult putting them into words, on what and how this experience has affected me. My hope is that I have left a positive mark in the student’s life as much as they did me.

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