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Jane's Inspiring Internship’s Journey with Bali’s Renowned Recycled Footwear Company

"The most enjoyable thing as an intern is that I am treated as a member, the least enjoyable thing that I can complain about is that my internship lasted too short" Jane, Triagon Akademie Gmbhx

We sat with Jane, discussing about her internship program with one of Bali Internships' most wanted internshop postion, Embarking on an internship is an exciting journey filled with opportunities for personal growth and professional development. For Jane, a 24-year-old from Germany, her decision to pursue an internship in a recycled footwear company in Bali proved to be an enriching and life-changing experience. Let's delve into Jane's captivating testimony, as she shares the remarkable highlights and lessons learned during her internship experience.

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When Jane was presented with the option to choose her internship company in Bali, she recognized Bali Internship as the most suitable agency to guide her through this transformative experience. Established as the oldest agency on the island, Bali Internships stood out for its personalized approach and deep-rooted connections to the local community. This personal touch, in addition to their expertise in matching interns with organizations aligned with their interests and skills, set Bali Internships apart from the rest.

In Bali, Jane decided to become an intern at an international Recycled Footwear Company. This choice stemmed from the alignment between her existing skills and the tasks at hand. The company's commitment to sustainability resonated deeply with her previous work in Germany, making it the ideal choice for her career aspirations. Moreover, being passionate about fashion, the opportunity to explore the intersection of fashion and sustainability was an irresistible draw. One of the standout aspects of Jane's internship was the company's genuine appreciation and respect for the Balinese culture. Despite the majority of team members being internationals, they wholeheartedly embraced the local culture and philosophy. Jane found immense value in the extensive introduction she received to Balinese customs and interactions, fostering a deeper connection with the people and the vibrant local community.

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"From day one, I was entrusted with significant responsibilities, a testament to the company's belief in my capabilities" Jane said. As the social media and marketing intern, she took charge of creating schedules for platforms like TikTok and Pinterest, areas that the team had limited knowledge about. Collaborating with two other team members, she also contributed to marketing efforts on Instagram and organized photo shoots. Beyond these tasks, she actively engaged in activities such as competitor analysis and forging connections with other organizations. 

Jane's internship experience reaffirmed her deep-rooted passion for social media marketing. Prior to her time in Bali, she had already explored this area in her home country. However, this internship solidified her desire to grow and excel in the field of social media management. While she contemplates expanding into other aspects of online or digital marketing, her heart remains set on staying dedicated to social media marketing. The internship in Bali provided her with ample opportunities for professional growth and skill enhancement. The company fostered a flexible work environment, allowing Jane to tailor her working hours to suit her needs. Although the standard working hours were from 10 am to 4 pm, she had the freedom to start earlier if she felt energized and motivated. The focus was on completing tasks and meeting responsibilities, giving interns the flexibility to manage their time efficiently. "This flexibility empowered me to take control of my work-life balance and maximize productivity" Jane concluded.

What Jane cherished the most about her internship was the inclusive and supportive company culture. "I never felt like an intern but an integral part of the team. The absence of hierarchical boundaries promoted open communication and camaraderie" She added. However, the only drawback she mentioned was the limited duration of the internship, as she would have loved to stay longer and continue making an impact within the company. During her internship, Jane had the opportunity to master various Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. With guidance from her colleagues, she learned how to structure content, create appealing grids, and effectively manage social media schedules. Equipped with these valuable skills, she gained the confidence to work independently and even consider freelancing opportunities upon her return to Germany.

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Jane's testimony serves as a testament to the profound impact of an internship, from the perfect match with a sustainable fashion company to the deep cultural experiences, the internship journey became a transformative chapter in Jane's life. Bali Internships’ unwavering support and dedication to creating meaningful connections ensured that her time in Bali was nothing short of extraordinary. As Jane looks toward her future career, the skills, and knowledge she acquired through her internship time have positioned her for big success. If you're inspired by Jane's story and wish to embark on your own transformative internship journey, don't hesitate to contact us immediately for more information and inquiries. Your extraordinary Bali internship experience starts here!

By Billy Bagus

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