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The Budget Living Cost in Bali : A Simple Insight

So you have decided to do your next internship in Bali, and the next question proves to be the most important one: how much do I need to prepare the budget? Well, the cost of living in Bali, just like in any other city / country, will depend on your lifestyle, but nevertheless, it will definitely be way more affordable to live on the island than in most established Western countries or established metropolitan cities. Here in this article, we would like to break down a bit of the quintessential daily living cost in Bali.


Considering public transport in general is still currently quite lacking in Bali, renting a vehicle is the best way to get around and about in the island. The cheaper option would be to rent a motorcycle, which costs from IDR 80,000 per day for a 125cc type of scooter. As usual, you can haggle for a lower price depending on your length of stay. In general, automatic scooter rental per 2022 price is starting from IDR 1,000,000 per month. But of course everything depends on where you rent, the location of the rental company, how old the vehicle is, how big the engine is and so on and so forth. The fuel price in Indonesia is relatively affordable, but there are currently some adjustments from the government that make the price go up quite significantly. But you would still be looking at not more than IDR 70,000 per day for fuel if you are riding a motorbike, except if you plan to go on a trip around the island daily (which we wouldn't suggest at Renting a car could be an easier, safer and more comfortable option, but it would be quite costly, especially for students who plan to do an internship period. The average price of renting a car in Bali starts from IDR 300,000 (without driver), and IDR 750,000 (with driver). Another great option would be to use the handy online transport apps (Gojek / Grab) which offer substantially cheaper fees to go around; ranging from IDR 15,000 for bike and IDR 25,000 for car depending on the distance. Finally, you must possess an international drivers license to be able to rent and ride motor vehicles in Indonesia.


The amount of money you spend on food in Bali will depend on your eating habits and lifestyle. We strongly encourage you to try and familiarize yourself with local Indonesian / Balinese food for your daily dine for two main reasons: precious first-hand experience of living like a local on your internship period, and it cost WAY a lot cheaper. As an international tourism destination, Bali is not lacking selections of world-class exquisite dining or European cuisine, but it would be better if you set your sights on local 'warungs' or small restaurants serving authentic Indonesian meals. You might be worried about getting 'Bali Belly' sickness, and that's understandable, but nowadays there are many warungs on the island that ensure their cleanliness and quality to cater international tourists. A portion of an Indonesian complete meal in local warung starts from merely IDR 12,000 and it already consists of rice, vegetables, meat in a satisfying portion. For drinks, you can bring your own water, or order ‘es teh manis' (sweet ice tea) or 'es teh tawar' (unsweetened ice tea) for around IDR 5,000 per glass. Try to learn some basic Bahasa (Indonesian language) as well, it is proven to be an effective haggling tool!

Read more about dining in like locals, here.

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Finding accomodations in Bali is actually quite easy, but also challenging at the same time. There are plenty of options on prices, locations and facilities you can pick according to your budget. Bali Internships has also prepared an extensive list of housing recommendations for our interns, ranging from low-budget to more luxurious options with prices starting from IDR 4,000,000 a month. You would usually offer a cheaper rental fee if you plan to stay longer. Always consider the location as well, as the closer your lodging is to the beach / popular area, the higher the rent would be. Always consider additional cost for mineral water, laundry, wi-fi or electricity too, because some places would require additional cost of facilities listed above.

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Free Time

We always mentioned that doing an internship in Bali is not only about doing mundane work everyday, not at all! You will have enough spare time to go out and have fun; exploring the island's exciting nook and crannies, gorgeous nature, and captivating culture. How much money you should prepare for these leisure activities is eventually up to you, but you can definitely minimize the expenses if you spend a bit of time organizing it beforehand. and most important thing is to always as your local friends and colleagues of which place to go and whether something is worth doing or visiting that goes well into your budget plan.

  • Surf lesson starting from IDR 250,000 in Kuta,  IDR 350,000 in Canggu, surf guiding for half-day starts from average IDR 500,000

  • Stand up Paddle course starting from IDR 150,000 in Kelan Beach

  • Yoga session starting from average IDR 150,000 / session

  • Snorkeling​ starting from IDR 150,000 / session including equipment and guide.

  • Trekking and hiking starting from 250,000 IDR per person and it gets cheaper with group bookings

  • Joining fitness group or cross fit starting from IDR 100,000 per session

  • Joining dance classes starting from IDR150,000 per session

  • Go to the cinema starting from IDR 50,000 during weekdays

  • Coffee shop and cakes starting fromIDR 25,000 per cup and IDR 30,000 per slice of cake.

In the upcoming blog article, we will share you our team's most favourite things to do, places to eat and spots to hang out in Bali along with the average cost, stay put!

By Billy Bagus

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