Marketing Internship in a Recycled Footwear Company in Bali

"The team consists of sociable individuals. Intern will get the chance to meet important people in fashion & business industry in Bali community" Adrien, EDHEC Business School, France.

Good opportunity to learn

One of the reasons I chose this internship is because later I planned to go to Australia. After my Skype interview, the company mentioned that they partner with one of the companies in Australia in March last year, where they collaborate with Elle, also join fashion runway with Hermes, it was a really big deal for me.

At the beginning of my internship, I was required assist to manage shipments, where I learned how to go through the products distribution. Also to manage one of the stores in Bali, organizing the stores products item, when and how many shoes items should be delivered to which store, at the same time, I assisted the CEO, with marketing tasks.

For an intern, my working hours were rather flexible, for example, I was able to do all my tasks the whole morning and by the afternoon I hit the beach and surf. I was welcomed in a heartwarming environment, where I leave to work with no stress. On my lunch break; I am able to see the waves when the waves were good I just need to work harder to finish earlier.

One of my tasks, as an intern, is to work with the company’s website, adding and creating information about the product. One of my favorite tasks interning in this company is to visit the stores. I use to visit the store for example when I have days off because my friends were coming to visit me, I went to Ubud to explore also to visit the stores, take pictures and report to the team. It was a perfect combination of internship and leisure.

Unfortunately, I missed the big opening of its new store in Canggu, because my internship ends earlier. However, during my internship, I have attended a lot of events with the team, where many companies in Bali attended, I have met many important people in fashion and business industry.

Bali Internships helped me with everything from the start to the end so nothing to say except good, but there was some delay with the company with some documents, it needs little bit patient. Overall, they were really good to me especially my intern supervisor.

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I am more sure about my professional career after my study

The only thing that changes little bit is that I am even more sure after I have finished my internship, I will work in my country, where the sun is, as I have already experienced working abroad, working with American, I achieved many meaningful new experiences. I learned how to build a business like bar, restaurant, etc. Because Bali is highly competitive right now, they use a new marketing way, this is what I do not learn in my marketing classes here in France.

Currently, besides continue my business study, I am also on a research planning to either looking an internship in Australia or work with the good brand here in France to revise my Resume but if I do not find one, I will call back the footwear company and Bali Internships again haha. I will definitely come back to Bali, I really missed the food.

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If you want to intern with this company, you better…

Be open-minded! The team consist of a really sociable individual, if you join the team you will get the chance to meet and get to know all the people in the community, especially in Canggu area. If you are not sociable, open-minded, easy, communicative, it will be tough. And you definitely have to learn how to drive a scooter, just be careful, do not drive fast especially in the rain.

I love working with an international team, you will definitely encounter cultural differences, but in the end, there was no complication because we work with a small team so nothing to worry about.

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