Internship Programs in Bali

Fashion Internship in Bali: The Possibilities

As a world-class holiday spot, Bali is an island brimming with creative culture and aesthetic. This makes the island a wonderful place to do Fashion-based Internship. Bali's ever-growing fashion industry brings aspiring brands-local and international alikes to introduce their amazing products to customers all over the globe. An internship in Bali's fashion industry will challenge you to grow ideas, develop creativities, and approach things differently. 

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Bali Internships Fashion Internships programs are available to develop more than just your talent, it will give you the opportunity to improve your communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Experience firsthand how clothing is designed, produced, and marketed to the public. Assisting with fashion events, photoshoots or presentations, research for future designs, creating samples and patterns, and working with clients around the world in Bali can be some of the assigned tasks.

So what are the possibilities of doing Fashion Internships in Bali? The possibilities are limitless since there are also wide-range of roles you can choose to experience on your Fashion Internship program. From creative, marketing, graphic design, social media management, media and communication, and many more. Here we listed some of them for your reference.

Marketing Fashion Internship

One of the most sought-out roles in business, Marketing Intern will generally be responsible for helping Marketing Manager with various tasks, from preparing marketing proposals, researching and surveying customers needs / satisfaction. There are several interesting eco-conscious and indigenous fashion brands in Bali that are willing to give international students a chance to be their Marketing Internship. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work alongside the founder & creative director and receive mentorship and exposure to all aspects of running a small sustainable fashion start-up, as well as helping to contribute towards its growth. See one of our most popular marketing fashion internship, Marketing Internship in a Recycled Footwear Company in Bali.

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Social Media Internship

A job that is increasingly favorable in the digital information era, Social Media Intern is responsible for assisting in a range of marketing initiatives within a company or organization. Your duties will include tracking analytics for social media campaigns, creating social media posting schedules and writing captions for social media posts. At Bali Internships, we have partnered with a growing company that requires Social Media intern support for their vision and mission to increase their consumers awareness about the importance of sustainably-produced items. This is only one of many options that you can choose for this enticing role! See one of our most wanted social media internship for a fashion company, Internship in a Women's Clothing and Homewares Company in Bali.

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Graphic Design Internship

If you are an aspiring student with interest in building a portfolio in the visual art field, graphic design is a suitable role for you. As an intern, your duty will include creating print and digital material design, adhering to brand guidelines and completing projects according to the deadline, to directly collaborate with the creative director and graphic design manager to make necessary adjustments. There are lots of fashion shops and brands in Bali that require help in their graphic design field, so this is your chance to gain precious experience! See your opportunity as a graphic design intern for fashion industry in Bali.

Product Design Internship

Different from its Graphic Design counterparts, the role of Product Design Development basically is to create new products and improve the existing product of a brand / company.  Product Design Intern works as part of a cross-functional team, working with engineering, marketing, product management, and company executives. There's a women fashion label in Bali that is looking for a passionate, hard-working intern to develop their appealing product. The intern will be working next to a creative fashion designer and get hands-on experience immediately as well as insight into many aspects of a fashion company including design and marketing. See what is currently available for product design internship in Bali Internships opening list.

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As we mentioned before, the possibility of doing a fashion-industry internship in Bali is limitless. If you want to know more about our Fashion Internship program, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately!

by Billy Bagus