Internship Programs in Bali
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Fashion Internship

Aesthetics play a big role in Balinese culture from food to fashion, an internship in Bali’s fashion industry will challenge you to grow your ideas, develop your creativities and approach things differently. Some of our fashion internships program are available to develop more than just your talent, it will give you the opportunity to improve your communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Our partner fashion companies cover a wide range of fields from clothing brands, shoes factory and jewellery lines.

Bali Internships fashion internship programs allow you to gain the global experience, the opportunity to network internationally. In the highly competitive world of fashion, these benefits will place you ahead, starting your future career in fashion through Bali. Experience firsthand how clothing is designed, produced, and marketed to the public. Depending on your background and interest, fashion interns may work on the design side of the fashion industry or on the business side. Assisting with fashion events, photoshoots or presentations, research for future designs, creating samples and patterns, and working with clients around the world in Bali can be some of the assigned tasks.