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A Meaningful Month of Volunteer Teach in an NGO Primary School in Kuta, Bali

“This volunteer work experience in Indonesia was enlightening, it was the perfect break for me before starting my new career back home”, Elliott, Institut Supérieur d’électronique de Paris, France

It was my goal to travel to a familiar beautiful island such as Bali, before I start my real life career in France. Having experienced visiting Bali prior to my volunteering, it was an easy choice for me to come back and get involved in something more than just vacationing. After I finished my study this year, the following week I packed my bag and started this voluntary work travel. I was in contact with Bali Internships more or less 2 months before my program started, and when I saw the Kuta Teaching Program, I was intrigued and excited knowing that I would be the first volunteer to support the school as the program was new! Though I had never taught before, I believed that this would be a great experienceI was quite nervous the first time I got due to my lack of experience in the volunteer-teaching field. But I was sure about what I was doing, and the trip turned out to be the perfect freshener to start off my next phase of life.

About The School and my Duties as a Volunteer-support

Since the very first day, I already felt welcomed. I could feel that everyone from the teachers to the students, they were trying to talk to me to ease my nervousness, and it really helped calm me down. During my first week, the teacher that I was assigned to assist me gave me a lot of useful tips and advice for the classes I was supporting. Within my second week, I gained much more confidence and I was convinced and trusted by the principal of the school to conduct my own class during the English subject. It was such a great but challenging experience due to the cultural and language barrier.

Honestly, I could not be more grateful for the children though we often find difficulties in communicating, the children always showed willingness to try and learn, as well as being extremely cooperative with me as a volunteer teacher.

My confidence in teaching the children gradually grew on the last weeks, as a result it felt much easier to perform and deliver my tasks as a volunteer. Most of the times, creativity is demanded, therefore, I would use many interactive pictures or even games during my classes and teaching process.

Besides teaching English, I was also given the opportunity to attend and assist on self-development curriculums, such as sports, computers, and yoga!

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Life Outside the School

In a week, I had a total of 12-hours of teaching, about three times a week commitment. That means, I have a lot of spare time to spend exploring Bali. My time during off-volunteering service was just as amazing! I went mostly to check out some beautiful beaches in the south of Bali, and I started surfing too. My personal top three beaches are Kuta, Tuban, and Balangan. I also went around Uluwatu, Seminyak, and Canggu with a friend that visited me during the first two weeks. In conclusion, this whole package of my travel experience both as a visitor and as a volunteer, has been a perfect break for me, to reset before I to start my career in France. Bali once again, has changed me in a way, Bali has restarted me, and I will definitely come back to this Paradise on Earth, not only to surf, to enjoy the good food but also to visit my new family in the school.

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