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The Best Experience by Supporting at Turtle Center in Bali for 1 month

"I would certainly recommend this opportunity to volunteer in Turtle Conservation Center program and I am really glad that I was part of it." Jennifer Schneider, Bachelor Business Communication in bbw University in Berlin, Germany

My tasks

I participated in the volunteer program in Turtle Conservation Center for one month. Our main tasks there included the cleaning of the turtle tanks, helping with the hatchery and giving tours to visitors.

It was great to work so closely with such interesting animals and also be part of this wonderful organization. This organization was really helpful about the marine life in Bali especially sea turtles. I like helping at the hatchery because it was a lot of fun and very exciting. When the locals would find the sea turtle eggs on the beach, they would bring them to us so we can bury these eggs and after 40 to 60 days they would hatch. So, almost every day new turtle babies hatched and we dug them out which was an awesome and unique experience. Visitors had the chance to adopt those baby turtles and let them free in the ocean. When I gave tours to the visitors I often joined them if they would free the turtles and it was great to see their involvement. At this period we had a lot of visitors from overseas and Indonesia. It is nice that a lot of people show interest in this issue of rescuing a species which is under big threat.

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Turtle Release

On one day we drove up to another Turtle Conservation Center in west Bali to help out with a big release. Somebody had hold 20 grown-up green sea turtles in captive and those were found by police and they brought them to this conservation center. There was a big celebration for the release of the turtles and it was great to see that even politicians and the news where involved. That was a very emotional situation when those turtles could finally enter the ocean after a long period of suffering. This was my best experience in the volunteer program.

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I liked to work at the Turtle Conservation Center not just because of the turtles but also because of the people who work there. We had a great time together and sometimes we would do something together even after work. It was a great work environment with no pressure and stress. I even got a project to paint a part of the wall to make the center more pretty for visitors.

In conclusion I can say that I learned a lot about the sea turtles but also about our environment and humans’ interaction with it. Especially in Bali it hit me that pollution is a big issue that we should care about. This turtle project opened my eyes in this matter but also that fishing is a problem as well.

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