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My Social Internship with the Turtle Conservation Project in Bali

"My Bali volunteering time in the Turtle Conservation center was amazing, it gives me an important feeling for being there for a good cause." Yasmine, EM Strasbourg Business School, Strasbourg, France

The Turtle Center was the project I have chosen to spend my weeks during my social travel for my internship abroad experience, it was a one memorable experience and I was happy to choose the right program. Having the turtle center as such a good cause: informing and educating people and the local community about what's happening in the world from the preservation of nature to help conserve the life of the sea turtle in Serangan village for a larger and important purpose. Turtles are fascinating animals that are prominent for the ocean’s ecosystems. Personally, there are many things I have learned and discovered about the turtles and a brief of marine life, where it was quite interesting as I was able to assist the turtle conservation center to pass the knowledge and information on the work of the turtle project to the visitors and tourists who came to the site. are good and, after teaching it, to visitors and tourists.

Volunteer's first day and how to cope with it

My first day in the turtle conservation center was informative and exciting, on that day, everyone was very open to help me with information and the staff on the site was kind and friendly. The share me the important tasks and break down of what to do and not do, as tasks as volunteers were quite clear and straightforward, and they allowed me to take my time in absorbing and processing the new information so I am able to understand everything bit by bit during my first week. In the beginning I was nervous as my English is not as fluent also I was not confident enough whether I was doing everything correctly, however, the entire time in the turtle conservation with my other co-volunteers we all agreed that we felt very much welcomed and appreciated.

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Volunteering abroad has helped me to know myself better

Having to spend my time in Bali, volunteering, it has given me more perspective on what interests me. Beside Bali’s great offer during my volunteer time, the people, the nature, the delicious Indonesian food, my volunteer experience in Bali has shown me that my passion for the green cause has sharpened and the travel was needed for my self development and how I perceive the world and its problems, how the marine life plays a big role in our life as human beings. Being able to be part of this movement even though in the smallest way for more responsibility in the future. Thank you Bali!

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