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My Heartfelt Connections, Volunteer Teaching Experience at Bali's Children Center

My Volunteer Teaching Story

"Returning from that summer, I spent weeks trying to recover from the incredible trip that felt like a brief journey back in time or even to space." Min Ju, Yonsei University-English Language and Literature. South Korea

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Min Ju’s journey to Bali was not a typical visit but a sincere mission to volunteer with Bali Internships. Leaving behind the familiar comforts of Seoul, she embraced the vibrant and challenging environment of a local pre-school in Kerobokan. Over four weeks, Min Ju's experience was a blend of professional growth, academic insights, and deeply personal moments. Her story is one of courage, connection, and a heartfelt commitment to making a difference in the lives of young children.

“My journey to Bali wasn't just another trip; it was a deeply meaningful mission with Bali Internships. Leaving behind the familiar comforts of Seoul, I embraced the vibrant and challenging environment of a local preschool in Kerobokan. Over four weeks, my experience was a profound blend of professional growth, academic insights, and personal moments that left a lasting impact”.

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Exciting Arrival, Deep Integration, Challenge and Reward

Arriving in Bali, I felt a mix of excitement and nerves. Unlike previous visits for leisure, this time I was here to volunteer, to get myself into the community and make a difference in young children's lives. Stepping into the school on the first day, I was greeted warmly by everyone, which helped ease my initial apprehension. The children's curiosity and the genuine warmth of the teachers quickly made me feel at home.

As the days passed, I integrated more deeply into the school community. I found my rhythm in teaching English, assisting with daily activities, and forming bonds with both the children and my fellow teachers. Ms. Marlina and her daughter Sofi became like family to me, and together, we formed a strong team dedicated to the children's education and well-being.

Each day brought new challenges and rewards. Teaching English lessons, helping with Bahasa Indonesia classes, and engaging in playtime and meal breaks with the children became the highlights of my day. I observed firsthand the different learning levels among the students and adapted my teaching approach accordingly, gaining valuable insights into educational practices in a local setting.

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Personal Reflections, Memorable Moments and A Heartfelt Goodbye

Beyond professional growth, my time in Bali was filled with personal reflections and memorable moments. I cherished the quiet afternoons spent with a girl at the school, waiting for her grandmother, sharing stories and laughter under the Bali sun. These moments became precious memories that I still hold dear.

Saying goodbye on my last day was emotional. Tears flowed freely as I hugged the children and thanked my colleagues for their warmth and support. Returning home, I found myself deeply impacted by the experience, often reminiscing about the days spent in Bali and the connections I formed.

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Insight for Future Volunteers

For future participants considering this program, I encourage observing and involving yourself in the daily life of the school from the outset. Building rapport through physical activities and showing a genuine love for children will enrich your experience. Communication skills and a basic understanding of Bahasa Indonesia will also be invaluable in connecting with the children and local community.

Looking back, my time with Bali Internships was not just a volunteer stint; it was a transformative journey that reaffirmed my passion for education and cultural exchange. I carry the memories and lessons from Bali with me, eagerly anticipating the day I can return and reconnect with the children who touched my heart.

By Billy Bagus

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