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USA to Bali: 3-months of Internship and Invaluable Journey in Indonesia

“It is such an awe-wakening involvement to touch, feel, talk, and see different concepts of humanity; and Bali is uniquely beautiful, breath-taking, and worth the journey”, Danny, Capella University, USA.

Coming to Bali as my first Eastern part-of-the-world destination, I aspired to gain deeper insight into diversity and business applications, while understanding more depth in the global economy, law regulations, and its effect on citizens, through my 3-months internship and stay. But, little did I know that though things did not go exactly how I had planned it to be, they turned out to be much better than what I had pictured.

It was a 24-hours flight, from the USA to Dubai to Bali; I was thrilled and lucky enough that the driver who was responsible to pick me up made it really easy for me. He was on time, polite, honest, and immediately sent me a picture of his waiting location. I loved the arrival almost right-away, the only thing that struck me was only the heat, which reminded me of South Florida, but with less humidity. I spent the first week trying to get accustomed to a few things. First, I took time to get used to driving on the left side of the road, and to adapt to the ‘traffic-madness’. Second, the language barrier, which I found as one of the main challenges. Though it is not as bad as my previous experiences in other countries, because most of the locals speak and understand English.

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Ups and Downs

Nobody, nothing, and no place is perfect. So was my first few weeks of internship in Bali experience. The society has a calmer attitude towards completing tasks and scheduling, and I found a hard time trying to get used to it until I decided to calm down and went with the flow. By toning down my pace, I was allowed to have better images of the habits, behavior, and methods of commerce of my surroundings; which led me to develop priceless life-long relationships with the locals.

Bali Internships have also consistently helped me through any of the unpleasant events I had, during my internship period. I was guided very professionally in the best manner possible, and their premium internship service has, with no doubt, brought satisfaction to my full interning experience.

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The Ultimate Beauty of Culture Shock Experience

Culture shock is often associated with when travelling around, well, shocking experience, that most of the time deals with confusion or negative connotations. But the culture shock I experience in Bali is the kind that I would always love to re-experience.

Gentle human demeanor and traditional customs, the consistent gentle interaction was what shocked me at first. Not too used to such interaction, I found the experience extremely pleasing. People have the upmost respect towards each other no matter who you are.

Besides the lovely treatments and behavior, one thing that caught my attention was their spirituality. Even in colossal USA based franchises, you will still see altars, offerings, and small temples, which are meant for religious-matter.

Many ceremonies were also done, and most rituals were done by women. These are the kind of cultural experiences that really bring out my highest respect and admiration to the local communities. It creates calmness and tranquility being able to experience the extraordinariness first-hand.

I received long-lasting experience along with various sweet culture shock. My likes and dislikes may change, but I will always enjoy the Island of Bali.

See You again, Bali!

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