Internship Programs in Bali

Back to Indonesia for 6 Months of Internship Journey in Tourism Company and Exploring Bali

"I want to be somewhere where tourism is alive and you can feel it. Bali provides that as it is a destination that relies on tourism, so I see it everywhere in everyday living." Naufal, Tourism Management, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Qatar

Every bit in the island is part of Bali tourism

When it comes to tourism, people generally think of hotels, tours, tour guides, and culture. They're not wrong but, something small like a teeth whitening company can also be part of the tourism industry, especially in Bali! This was my first ever experience in getting my teeth whitened, and it was something I never ever expected before the internship, especially not in the first month at least! It was an awesome and fun experience. I also had fun talking with the manager whom was half Dutch, half Indonesian. That gave me the impression already that Bali is really super multicultural, not just tourist wise, but business wise also.

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My first impression of my first weeks as an intern

The first day of my internship was great, my boss and intern mentor was very welcoming. Right away I knew that the atmosphere would be more informal than formal. I was comfortable, and wasn't really nervous as I knew what I signed up for. I was just feeling super excited and ready to start my adventure. As I was getting used to the systems and how things are done at my host company, but also Bali in general, it took me 2 to 3 weeks to finally get into the internship and working tempo. My boss has trusted me a lot to make my own planning and systems in GDrive which I ended up using throughout the whole internship, that was something nice for me, an element of control.

My tasks as an intern

Bali is such a foodie heaven. You can find all sorts of cuisines that will cater to everyone's different palettes. Since restaurants and cafes are imperative for Bali's tourism industry, one of my first tasks was to take photos of new menu items for a popular restaurant. I was already an avid food photographer in my spare time. So, I was excited to execute this mission. And the pictures turned out amazing. It received a lot of positive comments on the posts, and I enjoyed reading how people react to it! Other than getting to visit great restaurants during my internship, I was also assigned to visit several villas and properties. Villas and Bali are a match made in heaven. There are literally thousands of them all around Bali. I was assigned to visit one luxurious villa in Seminyak where it was my first hand experience for me, and I was fortunate that a situation like this came up during my internship. It was a hectic day. Models and professional cameramen were involved to make the day a success. At the end, we got to chow down on some sushi which was part of a client's product. In brief, my tasks during my 6 months internships covers: content creation for social media, blog writing, scheduling social media posts, attending media events, helping create, develop and execute promotional videos.

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How Bali is the perfect destination for me to learn and enjoy my life

I want to be somewhere where tourism is alive, and you can feel it. Bali provides that as it is a destination that relies on tourism, so I see it everywhere in everyday living. I enjoy going to things like media events and meeting people. Being an intern in a Tourism Company platform, I tend to get assigned to attend invitations to restaurants or media events for collaboration meetings, etc.

What I enjoyed the most here in Bali is the variety of food on offer in Bali, you can get anything. All types of different cuisines are available. The local food is also a highlight, and not just the Balinese food, but Bali also offers Indonesian cuisines from the various islands which I loved seeing. I would say, I am 100000000000% coming back :)

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For future interns

The upcoming interns should focus on specific media planning, content creation using software such as Lightroom or similar, and excellent camera skills. It would be best if you had a good quality camera, whether it's your phone or a separate camera and a good laptop as well. Be prepared to run around a lot in Bali, going to different locations every week, and be a people-person.

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