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My Internship Experience for a High-end Fashion Brand in Bali

“For me personally, Bali is a perfect place to escape from a busy city and to relax. I really enjoyed my time in Bali, I have no regret on staying and paying extra for PCR and everything to get to Bali. “ Nada, Fashion & Textiles Merchandising, RMIT University of Melbourne.

My first day of internship and my colleagues

My first intern’s introduction day was amazing, I got to know almost all of the team in my new office. All of them are very welcoming, nice and kind to me. My colleagues and supervisor are very humble and helpful throughout my internship. I was as well being able to get a direct mentorship from the owner of the company, who is also amazing. Both my supervisor and the business owner himself have helped me to do a lot and have taught me on how to be a better marketing specialist. The team at my office have taught and guided me on how to work with all of the company’s social media. The office does feel like home and my boss asked me to treat it like it is my own home so it’s cozy. 

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About my internship: tasks, responsibility and challenges

Initially, I applied for the fashion marketing internship program for about 3-4 months, unfortunately due to personal problems, I only got to finish it in 2 months and it was an incredible experience for me. My role as an intern manages all the company’s social media and makes a report at the end of the month. Making simple content for the brand’s social media has been my task too and overall I love doing all the tasks assigned for me. I really hope my internship is in a better situation where I can learn and communicate face to face with my supervisor. I feel included during the third week of my internship. Maybe it was because of the restrictions and working from home regulations,  so it was challenging to communicate and talk to the team regularly, and I only communicated with Theresia, the marketing person in charge in Bali and the other intern. My supervisor also started to give me more tasks at that moment so I feel needed.

On my last day of internship, I got to make a moodboard for a photoshoot that will be held soon. It was a fun experience since it is my passion and related to my major in fashion. I can only hope and wish all the team the best of luck with everything and I hope I can work with them in another time with a better situation.

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All in all, if you are someone who is not afraid to discover his hidden talents and to apply himself to novel and unexpected challenges every day, then this internship is for you. Also, it is necessary to not overlook what your heart tells you. If you are not passionate about the film industry or the management of large scale events, it might be hard to push through the long hours and heavy workload in a small office with only a couple of people to interact with.

To whoever is going to jump on this opportunity next, I hope that it will be a transformative point in your learning curve and personality, as it was for mine. However, I must admit that the most exciting things that I have encountered weren't inside the four walls of the office…

My learning experience during the internship

On this program, I have learned a lot of things such as managing social media, being consistent on posting and updating content on the social media, contacting and reaching out to some influencers and celebrities to do collaborations, as well as negotiating during the process of collaborating. Moreover, I get to learn how to see and write a report about the social media analytics at the end of the month and get to evaluate and learn on how to do things better so the engagement of the social media can be improved. Even though it is quite challenging for me because the brand itself is more likely to attract women above 25 years old and I am having a hard time to come up with an idea and strategies on how to be able to market the products even more to the target market, my supervisor, Kattalin is always there to help me and guide me throughout everything. Hence, I dig even more and learn more on how to attract and market the products to their target market. I really hope I did something good for the company even though I did not spend a lot of time in the office and did not participate much since I only did 2 months of the program.  

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For me personally, Bali is a perfect place to escape from a busy city and to relax. I really enjoyed my time in Bali. Even though I have to go back to my city several times to fix and do some personal matters, I have no regret on staying and paying extra for PCR and everything to get to Bali. The atmosphere of the island and the situation here is comfortable and cozy. It already feels like my second home. The beaches in Bali are like paradise, especially the hidden ones where there are not so many people coming. The people in Bali are super nice and kind. They’re also helpful and I have never seen or met Balinese people who’s arrogant or rude. I spent my weekend traveling around Bali and it was amazing. I got so many new experiences and new adventures and even some new friends. Bali is such a lovely place. Covid is not an excuse for you to not come to Bali because you’ll regret it if you don’t travel around Bali alone or even with your friends.

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