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My Internship Abroad in Bali Experience for Bali's Leading Legal and Business Consulting Firm

“This internship gave me many new professional and personal skills. It was very exciting to work in another country and to get to know and work with a completely different office life and also a new legal system” Alina.

My first week and daily internship schedule and tasks

My first introduction day was nice, I got picked up from my AirBnB and we rode together to the working place. The staff was very nice and welcoming. My internship was an average of 40 hours per week for a total of eight weeks. The usual working day began between 7.45 am and 8 am and ended between 5 pm and 5.30 pm, with attendance from 8 am to 5 pm being compulsory as these were official office hours interns must also follow. The lunch break was either from 12 to 1 p.m. or 1 to 2 p.m. The specifications were very strict and had to be observed at all times. My internship was divided into two halves, after the first orientation week I spent four weeks in the corporate department and finally the last three weeks in the property department. 

In the first week I received an introduction to the company, its areas of responsibility and the various departments. I spent half a day in each of the different departments to get to know the different processes and procedures and to get an intensive introduction to Indonesian law and its special features.  

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Further about my internship tasks and responsibility as a legal intern

The firm I was interning for, also takes over the drafting of contracts for the purchase or lease of land. This also includes a detailed inspection and examination of the property before signing the documents, which I was allowed to accompany and the creation of a due diligence report. During such an inspection, the entire building and the property are surveyed. In addition, not only the GPS data of the buildings are recorded and noted so that they can later be used for the Google Earth drawings of the property, but also many pictures and videos for documentation purposes, not only from the construction site itself, but also from the Environment to anticipate possible future problems with the building or property. All this information will be included in the later report. I was also allowed to occasionally attend the signing of contracts at the notary.

Most recently, I also helped with the creation of legal documents, such as purchase, lease or marriage contracts, but also wills. Since contracts in Indonesia generally require the Indonesian language, I usually worked with a colleague on this. While he created the Indonesian part, I took over the creation of the English one. I was also allowed to create a few documents on my own, such as a will for British clients, which was then translated into English by a colleague.

A large part of the working day was taken up by meetings with clients, which were regularly very time-consuming. Most of the meetings were consultations, such as on founding a company or buying a plot of land in Bali, but there were also signings of contracts, which were also attended by a notary. The meetings were mostly held in English, but in some exceptional cases also in Indonesian or French.

I also took on the correspondence with and the acceptance of new clients. This includes written contact by e-mail or telephone and recording the data of new clients (in English). Finally, I still performed general office tasks, such as creating new files, filing files, maintaining the calendar and deadlines, or preparing the conference room for meetings. My tasks here included preparing the meeting room (providing drinks, snacks and writing materials), writing and completing the minutes during the meeting and finally sending them to all those involved. My tasks also included translating emails and personal meetings for German clients.

The outcome of my internship experience in Bali, Indonesia

This internship gave me many new professional and personal skills. It was very exciting to work in another country and to get to know and work with a completely different office life and also a new legal system. Furthermore, during the internship I was allowed to deal with the various authorities, such as the immigration or building inspection authorities. In addition, working with the Indonesian colleagues was a lot of fun, since the entire team was also very young and we got along very well on a personal level, but it was also very challenging because not everyone spoke English well and communication became a little more difficult, but I was able to overcome this hurdle and grew to the challenge.

I really loved the warmth of the people, they all were very welcoming​.​ I also loved all the exotic fruits and the climate. ​One of the best moments outside of my internship was definitely my trip to Komodo island. ​We took a flight to Labuan Bajo and spent 3 days and 2 nights on a boat to sail around Komodo island, seeing Mantas and pink beach and of course the famous Komodo dragon. ​I definitely want to come back to Bali!

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