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“My Bali Internship’s Experience During the Pandemic”

“Bali, the view and the atmosphere, is love at the first sight” Charlotte, Communication and Digital Marketing, IFSSC university

My internship search and the waiting

Having a plan to visit Bali for her internship in January 2020, Charlotte from Belgium, a Communication and Digital Marketing student of IFSSC university, shared her experience on how she overcame the challenges and difficulties traveling abroad for her internship in Bali during the pandemic. We sat with Charlotte and chatted for hours about her interesting and unique experience during her journey to fulfil her dream to intern in Bali earlier this year, she shared us stories on her internship search, which was the easiest part of her journey, to her long await of visa issuance to her flights and quarantine in Jakarta before her internship can start in Bali.

Having to initiate her internship search with Bali Internships back in November 2020, Charlotte was aiming for a practical and real professional professional experience abroad that is aligned with her passion and study. As this was her second semester, she still has a lot to learn and discover, therefore she sees this internship abroad opportunity as a good option to do while not having anything to do during the restrictions and transformation to all online activities and studies. Then Charlotte started her internship search through Bali Internships and several weeks later she landed an internship program with a high end fashion brand.

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My journey to Indonesia, quarantine and finally, Bali!

My internship search and placement was quite a smooth process to land my internship several weeks later and it looked quite doable to fly to Bali by week 1 January 2021. However, it was not the case, there was a change of travel restrictions and regulation were getting more strict as end of year approached, which affected my journey to be postponed for 3 months

After the long wait, finally in the middle of April 2021, I arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia to one step closer pursue my internship in Bali although my internship was being done online due to the fact that I was not able to arrive. Being in quarantine for 5 days, it was quite challenging, although during my quarantine there were several internship tasks to be done and numbers of interesting series and documentaries can be watched. what was interesting about my days during the quarantine would be the food. Perhaps can be useful insights for anyone reading this who are on their way flying to Indonesia for your internship program, bring some yummy snacks or easy to pack food to consume during your quarantine to make your day.

About the quarantine arrangement, I was given a list of Indonesia’s government’s approved hotels and booked the room in advance prior to her arrival in Jakarta. Upon arrival, I was staying in isolation for 5 nights, and the hotel provided 3 meals a day as the price was already included with the meals and PCR tests. After the quarantine ended, I was finally able to fly to Bali after a negative result of a PCR test.

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Having my Marketing Internship for a High-end Fashion Brand internship program started remotely, I was already part of the company’s team when I arrived in Bali. Accompanied by Bali Internships’ coordinator, I went to my future office for the first time in April to finally sit in the office altogether with my host company team, the fashion brand company. I learned from Bali Internships that the company is established in Bali and has been a welcoming and exciting program for individuals to discover and deepen their passion and interests in traditional and digital marketing concepts, trends, and best practices.

My internship experience and my love for Bali

The first days felt rather challenging, and of course there were some struggles with language barriers and new environment, however, it was quite manageable also I was not the only intern in the company, so I felt quite supported having another intern to experience the same struggle of being abroad and trying to adjust to newness. I really wanted to go there to create and learn something because I can go through the school or through out to my internship but at the end it is only through me, so it's really important to understand that you're doing this for you.

My internship program is scheduled for 9 o’clock in the morning to 1 o’clock at noon, this definitely gives me the opportunity to have more leisure time after work. As a business communications student, I would like to be involved in content creation which later on will be used for marketing purposes and tools and during my internship I was also involved in some photo shooting for the brand’s social media campaign, these were of course enjoyable and interesting for me to finally get to experience.

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This was not my first time coming to Bali, as I had once visited Bali and was completely enchanted by my experience then so I felt that I wanted to come back once again, longer while doing something meaningful, the view and atmosphere is love at the first sight.

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