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The Best Time to Visit Bali in 2023

Bali is one of those magnificent tropical destinations that is generally great to visit any time of the year. The island only has two types of weather, and plenty of wonderful cultural activity to experience. Through this article, we explained some simple aspects to consider before you plan a visit to Bali in 2023; whether for a holiday or doing an internship in the island. Check them out!

Widely described as the 'island of god', Bali is truly blessed with beautiful nature. Soft, white-sand beaches, lush greenery all around, tranquil lakes and rushing waterfalls, majestic mountains, volcanoes, and deep canyons make up its stunning landscape. But the real beauty of Bali lies in the heart of its people as well. The island's deep spirituality and enamoring culture will give unforgettable experience for visitors; tourists and interns alike. Overall, there is no specific 'best' date and month to visit Bali. But there are some highlighted occasions to consider while planning your trip to the island, such as weather and cultural activity.

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As a tropical island, Bali only has two types of season; sunny and rainy. The dry season is April to September when the humidity is low and average rainfall decreases, although showers do also occur during these months. These are considered as the best times to visit Bali, weather-wise. Rainy season officially starts from October to March when you can encounter tropical rains that are heavy but brief. But the rains in the island don’t tend to last all day and during these months it’s still possible to enjoy a row of sunny days with bright blue skies. Traveling in the dry season brings warm but a breeze of cool and fresh air in the evenings, especially during the Australian winter around July and August, a great time for hikes and getting outdoors. During the dry season is also highly recommended for you who are seeking to surf everyday. However, due to its great climate, everyone wants to be there, so during these times are also known as the high season. So what is your priority? If your main goal is to enjoy the outdoors, nature while having your internship abroad ticked off your to-do list this year visiting during the dry season would be an option, but if you are looking more into experiencing Bali at any time of the year and even coming now during the wet season and enjoy the less crowded island- there is no right or wrong answers. 

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Cultural Activity

Beside weather, another aspect you could put in consideration to visit Bali is the cultural activity. There are many fascinating Balinese-Hindu cultures, rituals and holidays to experience during your stay on the island, one of the most unique one is Nyepi or Silent Day. Once a year, the whole Bali island temporarily shuts down during this sacred day. Inhabitants do not go out of their homes for 24 hours and all routinary activities including work operations and recreational activities are put to a complete halt. 

Nyepi will be happening on 21st March this year. If you’re a first-time visit, nothing is more authentic than a first-hand experience of what the locals undergo themselves. Most of their indoor amenities are still available for use during such time in your homestay or hotel. However, it is advised to make as little noise as possible. During Nyepi, simply stay in your room; read a book, catch up on sleep, or write about your reflections during the whole unique experience. Through Nyepi, Bali became the only place in the world to welcome the new year in blissful silence. This is our most favorite holiday of the year due to its meaning and effect. Read our blog about Nyepi.

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Events and Festivals

While wanting to experience your once in a lifetime internship experience in Bali, to experience Indonesia’s and Bali’s most prominent events and festivals would be something that we find interesting to include in your considerations. 

What’s on during the wet season October to March?

Nyepi Day Balinese New Year, Ubud Food Festival, Bali Spirit Festival, Mekepung Lampit (bull race), Pemuteran Bay Festival, Denpasar Festival

What’s on during the dry season (April to September)?

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Bali Kite Festival, Tenganan Festival, Balinale Film Festival, Bali Art Festival,  Sanur Village Festival 

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Verdict: The Best Time to visit Bali

Bali is a great place to stay at all times of the year. There will be little hassle in determining 'when' is the best time to visit the island. Even the rainy weather usually won't last for too long or turn into a cataclysmic storm. Not only for holiday, Bali is definitely an ideal and dreamy place to gain internship experiences, social internship or voluntary work and studying. Plan your 2023 visiting Bali through our programs to make your travel to Bali more meaningful for your personal development, academic gain and career establishment.

So pick a date accordingly and don't hesitate to contact us. We will ensure that you get the best internship experience, with delightfully significant holiday activities in between!

By Billy Bagus