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What Happens During Nyepi in Bali?

Silent Day: The most anticipated Balinese Hindu religious celebration is happening next week! Here is some information that may help you decide on how to spend it, especially for first timer Silent Day in Bali.

Nyepi - One day of silence

Om Swastiastu! The most anticipated Balinese Hindu New Year religious holiday celebration is happening next week! Here is some information that may help you decide on how to spend it, especially for first timer Silent Day in Bali.

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What is Nyepi

Based on Hindu Saka Calendar, one from many traditional calendars used in Indonesia due to its diverse culture and religious related traditions, Gregorian calendar is 78 years apart from Saka’s, this year’s Balinese Hindu New Year falls on 7 March 2019. This means, starting from 6 AM in the morning until the next day of 8 March morning at exactly 6 AM the Silent day takes place. Although it is a Balinese Hindu traditional celebration, everyone who are residing or visiting Bali on Silent Day must participate in respecting the occasion.


Before (on 6 March) known as Bhuta Yajna

The day before Nyepi, is definitely something you can only experience in Bali and Bali only. The parade is call Ogoh-ogoh parade, celebrated on main streets of each banjar towards the beach, accompanied by gamelan players, dancers, theatrical performances and music will be held. Residents representing each banjar carry the giant doll statue made of paper and then burned eventually, believing that the evil depicts on the dolls that brought disaster to the island of Bali over the past year have been abolished. Best spots to witness this creativity of local greatness will be in Central Denpasar, Kuta and Ubud.

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During (on 7 March) known as Yoga

Nyepi is a day intended to reflect on oneself as Balinese Hindus follow the Catur Brata Penyepian ritual, means the ‘Four Nyepi Prohibitions’. These rituals are amati geni or ‘no fire’, amati lelungan or ‘no travel’, amati karya ‘no activity’, and amati lelanguan ‘no entertainment’. Some may consider it a time for reflection of what has happened for the year passed, to contemplate, meditate and relax.

After (on 8 March) known as Ngembak Geni

After the Day of Silence, is known as Ngembak Geni ‘relighting the fire’, Balinese Hindus will gather to apologize to each other for past deeds to start the new year with a clean slate and then proceed to perform religious rituals together.

Ideas on spending time during Nyepi

  1. Watch the parade

    If this is your first time Nyepi, you must not miss the Ogoh-ogoh parade. The parade starts in the evening time, at 19.00 Bali time.

  2. Stay in a Hotel

    One of the easiest and convenient ways to spend Nyepi, with all the promising yet affordable hotel Silent Day special promos. For you who always is active, you can expect usual activities in hotels such as, swimming, gym, or in-house activities designed especially for the day.

  3. Watch movies

    Take advantage of the silent day to watch all of those movies and series you have been having on your list.

  4. Stargazing in Complete Darkness

    One of a many perks of staying in Bali during the Silent day is to experience its night sky. Imagine, practically zero light pollution the stars shine their brightest and the Milky Way reveals itself. Pick a spot and enjoy the magical night sky of Silent day.

  5. Escape Bali

    Check out nearby islands to hop for a day or during during the Silent Day. Islands like the Gilis, Nusa Penida, Lembongan or G Land, can be great options for you adventurous type.

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Ultimately, Nyepi can be one of the most unique experiences for anyone who visit or live in Bali. As rare and fascinating as it sounds, the 24 hours zero pollution, zero noise, and clean air, makes it completely unfortunate to miss. We wish you all a pleasant celebration of Nyepi, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!