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My Internship Abroad as a Marketing and Sales Internship at the Bali’s Biggest Annual Yoga, Dance and Music

“This event management internship has allowed me to interact and network with Bali's most exciting events where it has helped my potential career in the event industry.” Maria S., Marketing Communication Business, Polimoda University, Venezuela

Bali is one of the most popular destinations for world-class events ranging from annual arts, yoga, music concerts, food, film festival, and any interesting social events. This event management internship abroad in Bali has allowed me, as an intern, to interact and network with Bali's most exciting events where it has helped my potential career in the event industry.

Combining the elements of yoga, dance, and music, this festival has celebrated the harmony of the worldwide community, a state of wellness, and humanity on the lush and blissful island of Bali. Held in North Bali each year, this event has grown so much over the years, that it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. During the day, there are heaps of activities scheduled, including yoga workshops, traditional Balinese performances, meditation, sound healing and ecstatic dance. This festival provides its participants to take part in some of the information seminars which focus on health, nutrition, self-help and astrology, just to name a few. At night time, there will be music concerts with a huge line up of acts including traditional Balinese music, DJ's and electronic music.

My first day impression and tasks given as an intern

My first day was great and relaxed, I was introduced to everyone in the office one by one, personally, and then I was given a desk with the rest of the the employees. On my first day, my tasks and one assignment was delegated by my internship mentor, I felt welcomed and everyone of my colleagues were sweet and helpful.

My internship in Bali started off naturally comfortably, I enjoyed almost everything with being in Bali. It took me around 6 weeks to feel that I belong in the company. I felt my efforts and work as an intern was appreciated and I made good friends with my colleagues, so it was enjoyable to go to my office all the time. Around the middle of December 2019 I was offered to extend my internship until April 2020, however initially my internship shall only lasted until February 2020. and This definitely added more to my responsibility as an intern, as for my initial tasks as marketing and sales intern, I was mainly assisting the NGO program, I was then got requested to be involved in the role of Logistics Hotline Supervisors, as well I was given a lot of freedom and essesntial guidance and mentorship by the managers to go through my new role.

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My marketing internship tasks during my time in the Annual Yoga, Dance and Music Festival are mainly managing social media accounts, creating content for the social media, helping to organize the event, supporting the logistics team, managing employee data and contacting the employees to gather info, creating sustainability promotional campaign, supporting the waste management team to ensure all trash is managed responsibly in an eco-friendly way, supervise logistics hotline planning. I learned a lot, and I felt so appreciated by the team, and everyone was comfortable and pleasant to cooperate with. This internship experience has been one of the most important moments and decisions in my life!

For future interns for this festivals

Social media and organizational skills are highly required. This means if you want to partake in any internship program with this event producer and creators, you must have a high level of organizational skills, as you will be working directly and closely with the key persons of the festivals.

I was interning under the festival’s general manager, as imagined, a highly busy and important person. As an intern, it would also be necessary to always be in alert and aware of what the office or the happenings around you, what is needed, who needs to be reminded that you are available to assist within any tasks delegated or even additional new tasks that you think you are and willing to help everyone involved with. They’ll give you relevant tasks to do, and you’ll learn a lot if you show your initiative. In the end, I found it really easy to cooperate with everyone in the office, everyone in the team has been very cooperative.

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