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Mahnoor's Interview

From Pakistan to Permaculture Paradise, an Architect's Quest for Bali's Sustainable Design.

"Being a Pakistani woman, leaving my country with limited resources and personal struggles was tough. But I craved architectural experiences, and finding Bali Internships was a gift. Their support and genuine connection made them more than an organization; they became my trusted guides and family in Bali. Now, I'm thriving here, pursuing my passion on my own terms, thank you" Mahnoor, Mehran university (MUET) Jamshoro-Bach-Architecture, Pakistan.

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During Bali Internships monthly gathering we always love to sit down with our aspiring interns and volunteers. This time, we were lucky to have a lovely insights and story from Mahnoor, our beautiful young architect from Pakistan.

Mahnoor's journey with Bali Internships is a transformative odyssey that truly inspires. Despite the challenges of securing a spot in Indonesia, her tenacity prevailed. For the aspiring lady, the program became her lifeline, offering escape, self-discovery, and a path to meaningful connections. Through this article, Mahnoor shared her internship experience, promising a narrative that beautifully intertwines career, peace of mind, and a life well-lived.

Leaping Out of the Comfort Zone

I vividly remember the challenges that stood in my way when I decided to step out of my comfort zone in Pakistan and explore the world of architecture beyond borders. My name is Mahnoor, and I am an architect fueled by a passion for sustainable design and a dream to create spaces that resonate with life. Little did I know that my journey would lead me to the enchanting island of Bali through the Bali Internships program—a decision that has shaped the course of my life in unimaginable ways. As a Pakistani woman, breaking free from the familiar and diving into the unknown was no easy feat. Economic constraints and personal hurdles tried to hold me back, but my determination to gain international experience and explore my love for landscape and architecture led me to the doors of Bali Internships. And, oh, what a decision it turned out to be!  

Guiding Light and Warmth Connection

Bali Internships became more than just a program; they became my guiding light. Navigating through the challenges of placement, they stood by me, ensuring that my dream of working in the lush landscapes of Bali would come true. The connection felt like home, a support system that proved crucial in a foreign land.

Bali: The Embodiment of Life and Love

Bali, to me, is not just a location; it's a way of living. In the hustle of our fast-paced world, the island teaches me the art of slow living and the profound impact of kindness. The Balinese people, with their overwhelming love, have made me feel at home. Balinese homestays are not just places of residence; they are havens of warmth and acceptance. Reflecting on my experiences, I've come to realize that Bali defines 'love' as well. The island, along with its inhabitants, nature, and culture, are the embodiments of the real, the slow, and the kind. It's a place where intentions align with natural progression, where randomness shapes meaningful connections, and where the pursuit of a happy life feels effortless.

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The Wisdom of Permaculture

My journey took an exciting turn when I joined a permaculture internship through Bali Internships. Working with Bodhi, the owner of the company, was an eye-opener. He wasn't just a businessman; he was a font of permaculture wisdom. Together, we delved into the intricate balance of business and sustainability. Hands-on experiences, live projects in Canggu, and interactions with the labor force provided me with a holistic view of how permaculture and landscape architecture come to life beyond the confines of a laptop screen.

Completing a 3-month permaculture internship was just the beginning. Bali worked its magic on me, and I felt an inexplicable connection. The island offered me purpose, a direction that aligned with my desire to create something unique in architecture. Traditional arts blended seamlessly with architectural experimentation, and Bali embraced me with opportunities that resonated with my heart's calling.

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The Exciting Next Chapter

Now, as I eagerly look forward to the next chapter of my journey, I find myself drawn to a new adventure—an internship that aligns with my passion for landscape architecture. Bali Internships has opened a door to a world of possibilities, and I am now hired and employed by an architecture firm in Bali and ready to continue my journey in this magical island.

In closing, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for Bali Internships once again. As for me personally, I believe that together we can continue creating sustainable designs that not only enrich communities but also contribute to a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

By Billy Bagus

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