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Interview with Elsa

A Transformative Internship Experience in Jimbaran Children Home in Bali

“Was it all worth it coming to Bali and especially doing this program? Obviously, of course, it is, I would say, hands down the best time I ever had in my life” Elsa, Social Work at the Medical School Berlin

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My Motivation and Expectations

My strong ​passion to explore the world and ​get myself ​experiencing ​different cultures propelled me toward this internship opportunity. As a social worker at heart, I have always recognized the importance of gaining diverse perspectives, which made Bali the perfect destination for me. I had high expectations, and I​ am​ pleased to say that they were met. Being here has provided me with an ideal setting to learn and grow, both personally and professionally​, my internship in Jimbaran Children Home​ has been an incredible experience that has surpassed my initial hopes.

My Routines and Tasks

My week at the Children home was filled with meaningful tasks and routines. Each day​ I was assigned​ ​with a specific focus, such as attending German language classes, engaging in crafts, or assisting with online schoolwork​ of the children​. I actively participated in household chores, taking care of laundry, cleaning, and meal preparation. Nurturing the children was a crucial part of my role, as I helped them with homework, organized activities, and provided emotional support​ when needed.​ One of my favorite activities emerged as crafting with the children, as I witnessed their incredible creativity and talent. The joy of seeing their proud faces after completing their artwork was immeasurable. Additionally, our weekly beach outings were a highlight, offering the children a chance to be carefree and experience the joys of being in nature.  

Lessons and Personal Development I have Gained

From the very beginning, I was amazed by the level of trust and responsibility bestowed upon me by the ​head of the ​Children home​ and the​ staff. This newfound independence and the opportunity to make a difference​ has​ greatly contributed to my ​own ​personal development. Guided by my mentor, Bali taught me the art of not taking life too seriously, allowing me to embrace the island's peaceful and spiritual essence.

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Benefits for Studies and Future Career

I firmly believe that my experience ​interning as a volunteer and supporting Jimbaran children home ​in Bali will greatly benefit my studies and future career as a social worker. Witnessing the challenges faced by the children in the Children home and navigating complex situations, such as conflicts over custody, provided me with invaluable insights. These experiences will shape my ability to communicate effectively and prioritize the well-being of the children I work with in the future.  

Recommendation for Bali Internships

I wholeheartedly recommend Bali Internships, emphasizing their support and commitment throughout my journey in Bali during my internship or outside of it if I have any issues or in need of support. The organization's dedication to ensuring a seamless experience, from program placement to accommodation, left me feeling secure and supported. I also cherish the friendships I made with fellow volunteers thanks to Bali Internships' regular gatherings, thanks to Bali Internships' regular gatherings.

Over all, my internship in Bali has definitely provided me with the perfect backdrop for personal growth, cultural immersion, and unforgettable experiences.

By Billy Bagus

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