Internship Programs in Bali

My Internship Abroad Experience for Bali's International Film Festival as a Coverage and Guest Service Intern

“I learned that I am much happier in the sun, beaches and palm trees, where people especially kind, positive and content. I will definitely miss the positive energy, the warm weather and being able to go to the beach to swim or just watch the sunset”, Lena, Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften, Germany

I had an amazing time in Bali that unfortunately come to an end way too quick, I spent 3 months in Bali for my internship abroad. I did an internship with Film Festivals, it was great! My colleagues were nice, I also enjoyed my flexible working hours. Although some expectations did not meet, overall this internship travel was one of the best times of my life so far and I am glad that I chose to come to Bali.

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Challenges as an intern

My first day of introduction was great! I was brought to the office after meeting volunteers at the Bali Internships house. Everyone in the office was welcoming and nice and there was another girl interning when I first started so she helped me a lot and made my start much better.

I feel that during my internship I didn’t really learn many new things during my internship, I wish there was a social media team who would give us interns more knowledge and guidance on our daily work and instructed us better. The Instructions given were rather vague because the staff saw the other intern and me as professionals when it comes to social media because of our age. That’s why I didn’t get the necessary guidance needed and felt to not learn anything significant from any professional in this field during my internship in Bali. Another thing I was hoping to learn more was video production, but unfortunately, my tasks didn’t have anything to do with taking and editing videos. Sometimes I also felt my tasks went in a different direction from what I was initially assigned to, as occasionally I had to just write emails and learn their mail merge program because the other staff was not able to do it or take care of some festival passes sale-related things. What I was mainly assigned to during my internship was Social Media work especially Instagram, E-Mails correspondences, and I was also assigned to do some layout and designs of e.g. Vouchers and Certificates.

The working atmosphere was good and I liked my coworkers, although I wish that I would be allowed to work from a café once in a while because I could do everything from my laptop and sometimes I didn’t feel like I needed to be there physically.

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My Bali living

During my time in Bali I learned to adapt to a new culture, different food. I also learned that I am feeling much happier in an environment with sun, beaches and palm trees and where all the people and especially locals are kind, positive and content. I will definitely miss all the positive energy and the warm weather and being able to go to the beach to swim or just watch the sunset.

On my weekends I used it mainly to explore Bali, see some waterfalls and beaches, go surfing, snorkeling and explore other islands such as Nusa Penida, Lombok and Gili Trawangan where I got the chance to see sea turtles in their natural habitat.

I also had a lot of fun hanging out and going out with friends I met through Bali Internships or other friends. Surfing was a very great experience as well. I visited some bars, beach clubs, and parties and had a lot of fun there. One memorable activity was the turtle release at the turtle conservation and education center that I will never forget and I am very grateful that I was invited.

There are of course things that I will not miss, the traffic and the road conditions in Bali which sometimes feel very dangerous. I will also not miss the open parts of a lot of houses and bathrooms where a lot of spiders, cockroaches or lizards can come inside through.

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Finally, I will miss the amazing food, especially all the fruits, the fruit juices, acai bowls, and fresh coconuts. I definitely want to come back to Bali! I fell in love with the Island and I could feel that I was much happier and worried less and had more positive energy while staying in Bali and I am very grateful for the experience I had and all the people I met.

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