Internship Programs in Bali

Registration Fee

€ 75

Volunteering Program

€ 560

4 - 12 weeks

Volunteer Placement Fee & Service

Our service for your voluntary work program participation in Bali includes active support during the preparation stage and throughout the time of your volunteering. We make sure that your being in Bali as support is beneficial and sustainable for both parties, you as a participant and the host organization or institution. Our fees are transparent, we do our best to offer an affordable fully organized, and quality program opportunity, while providing you with local support and a valuable personal growth experience.  

All programs attract a registration fee of 75 EURO, which is not part of the program fee below. This fee is not refundable according to our terms and conditions.

What the registration fee covers:

  • Program consultation and personal assessment with our program specialist

  • Mediation to the most suitable current openings voluntary work programs

  • Access to connect with a host organization in Bali

  • Volunteer recruitment interview session with our program coordinator

  • Detailed information about the volunteer program and a host organization profile 

  • Website maintenance


Programs in Ubud Primary School

4 weeks: 560 EURO
5 weeks: 610 EURO
6 weeks: 660 EURO
7 weeks: 710 EURO
8 weeks: 770 EURO

fee for additional weeks on request

Programs in Jimbaran & Sanur

4 weeks: 580 EURO
5 weeks: 650 EURO
6 weeks: 720 EURO
7 weeks: 790 EURO
8 weeks: 870 EURO

fee for additional weeks on request

Programs in Kuta, Denpasar & Payangan:

4 weeks: 680 EURO
5 weeks: 730 EURO
6 weeks: 780 EURO
7 weeks: 830 EURO
8 weeks: 880 EURO

fee for additional weeks on request

The fee covers:

  • Visa assistance (incl. visa documents)
  • Airport pick-up
  • Welcome package
  • Indonesian SIM card number (Purchase and registration at GSM Provider Center)
  • Voucher for the first students dinner
  • Accommodation for the first 4 program weeks (standard varies according to area)
  • Introduction to the project at the first orientation day
  • Local contact person & support during your volunteer program
  • Project visits & satisfaction assessment
  • Information about events and intern meetings
  • Assistance with visa extension
  • Contribution to the program deducted from the program fee
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The final program placement fee needs to be settled after you have received your volunteer confirmation for your confirmed project.

The program fee covers our work and support during the preparation stage of your arrival, and during your program in Bali. It is designed to give you the most flexibility while giving you security for the first 4 weeks of your stay in Bali. It covers the first 4 weeks of your program service and accommodation. If you would like to stay longer in your program, *a fee of starting from 50 Euro per week applies**, which includes program service and support and accommodation.

What does the accommodation look like?

We have been accommodating volunteers in safe and clean accommodations close to your host organization, to allow you to get used to getting acclimatized to the island while having easy access to shopping or do your groceries and sightseeing opportunities. Furthermore, all accommodations will have the following facilities:

  • Aircon

  • Private bathroom

  • WIFI

  • Included electricity

Final program fee covers:


Program placement

  • Volunteer program confirmation letter

  • Program documents arrangement (program contract, university statement letter, reference letter and any related documents when requested and required by participants)

Pre-departure support

Upon arrival & Bali support

  • Airport pick-up and transfer to volunteer’s Bali home

  • Arrival package incl. Bali Internships merchandise, SIM-card and welcome dinner voucher

  • Accommodation for the first 4 program weeks (standard varies based on program area)

  • First volunteer introduction day assistance and introduction to the host organization 

  • Program assessment, feedback and visit

  • 24/7 Emergency support & support during your program

  • Visa extension assistance during your program

  • Information about events and access to students community in Bali

  • Information and guidance for social and tourism activities

  • Local contact person

  • Contribution to the program deducted from the program fee

  • Connection to other volunteers

  • Certificate of completion

*An additional fee of 10 Euro applies for each month of your stay (emergency support, visa extension assistance, project visits, general advice, monthly dinner gathering)


What extra costs will I have?

  • Visa, vaccinations, flights, travel insurance (mandatory)

  • Personal spending money to cover basic expenses such as food, drinks, snacks, laundry, transportation.

  • Transfer back to the airport at the end of the program.

  • Tourism/leisure activities during free time.

  • Traveling during the pandemic may require additional costs at: RT-PCR Tests and quarantines. Please contact our program coordinator to confirm this prior to program participation


It is critical that you understand the concept of traveling abroad to volunteer independently or to get mediation with reliable thorough information on the organization you will support when you arrive in Bali. With over a decade of work and commitment to support local organizations in every project they have, our mediation throughout the year of connecting young and senior volunteers from around the world to Bali's local community projects such as schools, non profits, conservation centers has been our strongest suit. Our program fee logic is to provide responsible and quality volunteer programs

Before deciding, be aware of the pro's and con's of organizing a volunteer trip to Bali on your own or to get wholesome assistance from organizations like ours. We are a team of professional young people, who have committed ourselves to providing full-time support for volunteers, who want to make sure that their support is sustainable and valuable, while exploring Bali with like-minded people.

Sure! Some programs even have a minimum duration of 8 weeks.

All programs are available up to a duration of 24 weeks (6 months)! After the first 4 weeks, an additional fee of starting from 50-80 Euro applies per week, which includes our service and your accommodation fees are varied based on the program’s location. 

Visa assistance means that we will mediate you to provide you assistance, information and guidance during your visa application. Visa costs are not included in our service fee and need to be settled directly to your visa inviter as the current visa applications due to the global pandemic are all done online and directly to the Immigration Official site and visits to the embassy of Indonesia have been eliminated entirely. During your program in Bali, our team will assist you to arrange your visa extension after your first 60 days in Bali. This includes providing you with necessary contacts from visa agents and extension documents. The extension fees are not included in our service fee and need to be settled at the immigration office in Bali directly.

Due to circumstances changes of travel restrictions, you will have the following options:

  • Postpone your participation until the Indonesian border is open for international visitors (with B211A visa visitor) and you will arrive to start your internship as planned (with a new internship starting date)

  • Postpone your internship to a completely new term and we will hold your internship program until the agreed and confirmed new term advised by you and acknowledged by Bali Internships and internship host company/program

Please note that the refund exceptions as stated above only apply in case traveling is made impossible by higher authorities. In other cases, such as sickness or withdrawal due to personal reasons, doubts, fear, etc. our usual terms and conditions apply.

How to settle the registration fee?

You have the option to transfer the registration fee of 75 Euro or settle it via Bank Transfer or Transferwise. For all other options, please see the bank account details on our Registration Form.