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Discovering Depths and Culture Odyssey: Dejan’s Volunteering Journey for a Coral Program in North Bali

Beyond the professional realm, my journey was enriched by my interaction with Bali's vibrant culture” Dejan, from Bonn, Germany.

From his hometown in Germany, Dejan experienced a transformative two-week scuba div volunteering with Bali Internships. His journey began the moment he left his country, crossing borders to get to experience one of the island's prominent marine conservation initiatives. Little did he know that the coming days would be a fusion of professional development, cultural immersion, and personal discovery, leaving an unforgettable mark on his Bali Internships expedition. This is his wholesome story.

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From the beginning of my volunteer journey for this marine conservation initiative, I knew this experience would be unlike any other. Working beneath the surface was a surreal escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The vibrant underwater landscape, teeming with life, became my canvas for learning about coral ecosystems and the best way to treat them.

While not spending my time scuba diving, my day to day tasks as a volunteer are office maintenance and cleaning the beach and to promote our programs to curious tourists. I found every task was a collaborative effort. I even worked on concrete structures that would later become homes for newly planted corals. The fun and warm atmosphere within the team made each of my days so enjoyable and fulfilling.

During my free time, my journey was enriched by my interaction with Bali's vibrant culture. Evenings were spent sharing meals and engaging with the local community. Exploring local attractions such as the 'Pura' temple and bonding over football games with local children opened doors for me to experience first-hand the richness of Balinese culture, religion, and traditions.

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One of the most important aspects during my volunteering abroad experience is definitely where I was staying. Returning to a comfortable homestay after a day of tiring activities was a soothing retreat. The staff in my homestay were always attentive and helpful, contributing to the positive environment that enhanced my overall internship experience. Professionally, this voluntary work program provided insights into marine conservation methodologies, refining my diving skills and broadening my academic and professional perspectives. On a personal level, I truly enjoyed the local community interactions, and the friendships I have made. This helped me overcome language barriers and deepen my appreciation for cultural diversity.

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In conclusion, my participation as a scuba dive volunteer for the Coral Reef Restoration organization has left an insightful mark on both my professional and personal growth. The supportive network, cultural interaction, and impactful work collectively shaped an experience that I am eager to share. As I reflect on my time in Bali, I look forward to the day when I can return and reconnect with the people who have become an integral part of this memorable journey.

By Billy Bagus

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