Journalism Internship at a Magazine

Having graduated with a degree in Translation and Interpretation and before starting a master in Travelling Journalism, I decided to experience life in Indonesia, which I have visited previously. I thought about gaining more experience in the journalism field so I found an Internship that matched my expectations and Bali was my target destination to do so. Now, being back at home, I feel fulfilled and renewed so I highly recommend living such an experience in Bali.

About my internship

During the period that I was an intern in a online beauty magazine I learnt a lot; not only about how to improve my writing skills and my English level but about how to get used to the life in Island, how to deal with unexpected situations and, especially, how to be patient and sort the good from the bad.

Without a doubt the internship itself has been a resounding success. Other than writing articles about wellness, traveling, fashion, sports and beauty one of my tasks was mailing the brands in order to ask information about products and press releases. Furthermore I have assisted to events, workshops and festivals witnessing really interesting performances and gatherings. I must admit that I adapted easily to the work rhythm and to the company because my colleagues and my boss always supported and helped me a lot.

Ubud, a greenish spot surrounded by rice fields

I was placed in Ubud, located in the heart of Bali and in one of the most beautiful and tranquil areas. It’s a greenish spot surrounded by rice fields and typical Balinese villages. But what makes Ubud special is that it combines the modern lifestyle with the traditional one. You can find shops, a lot accommodation options, cultural activities, workshops, restaurants, and nightlife. However, there’s still local people living there and you can walk “jalan-jalan” and among others you can find locals dressed in typical Balinese clothes, women preparing the offerings or farmers collecting the rice.

You'll never be alone in Ubud

In Ubud it’s impossible to feel alone; actually I spent great moments talking to strangers while having lunch or dinner. Ubud is a touristic place so I came across with inspiring people that were traveling around. I also enjoyed my time with a group of Dutch volunteers working for another project in Ubud and with the friends that I made in my office (the majority of them local, very funny and lovely). Furthermore, I can speak a little bit of Bahasa Indonesia so it was very easy for me to interact with locals, which always will appreciate to talk with someone interested in their country and culture.

Besides my internship

I chose to spend 3 months in Ubud but before being settled down I travelled during two weeks along Indonesia and I won’t ever get bored of it. During my stay I also got some days off and I visited some friends in Lombok, Bali’s neighbor island.

During the weekends and the national holidays I’ve seen a lot of Bali: amazing landscapes, sunsets, crystal clear water beaches, the cliffs of the Bukit, night markets, temples, I’ve practiced surf, I’ve played Gamelan and I went out sometime around Kuta.

Anyway, Bali is not only about lying under the sun: I’ve got involved with the Balinese culture: I’ve seen two Cremations, I ate every day local –sometimes spicy–food and I loved to wear my “kamben” during the ceremonies, “Galungan & Kuningan” and other big celebrations. Should I better describe my time in Bali as a “quality time”.

There are plenty of opportunities out there and it’s possible to find internships related to all kind of studies, which mean that you can continue your formation as well as you can enjoy life in a foreign country. You just need to find yours!

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