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The Amazing Opportunities in Bali

If you are an architecture student or recent graduate seeking an internship opportunity, Bali may be an excellent location to consider. Aside from its thriving tourism and hospitality industries, the tropical island is also known for its beautiful natural landscapes and innovative architecture. Balinese traditional architecture are inspiring wonders to behold, but there are also plenty of modern restaurant, hotel, or villa establishments made by international top-grade architects all across Bali as well.

Bali Internships will help narrow down the finest option for your architecture internship opportunities in Bali. Our extensive lines of prestigious partners will let you learn how Green architecture, natural materials design building, construction management, and design are done in the industry, with Bali and its beauty being both your teacher and classroom. As interns, you will work on innovative design concepts, get involved in real projects, conduct site visits with your mentors and future architect colleagues, to experience real-life challenges of an architect. Here are some of Bali Internships list of partner companies / firms offering specific roles that you can do to gain precious internship experience.

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Multiple Roles in Construction Consulting Company

An Ubud-based construction consulting company is seeking an aspiring internship for multiple roles at once: the Project Manager, Architecture Officer, and Structural Engineering. Judging by the plurality of its main services, the company will be more than proficient to offer its interns a complete learning experience. Interns will be able to discover the process of a project from the beginning to the end. The company shares its offices and works closely with its team of dedicated workers; with whom the interns would be able to interact, build relations and learn about specific skill sets. Some of the main roles of the company's team include architects, interior designer, engineer, supervisor, executive and project management. These tasks will give you valuable experience and help you develop many architecture-related and management skills. Here we break down the specific requirement for each internship role. 

a. Project Manager Internship

As the Project Manager, the intern tasks will likely involve supporting various aspects of project management, such as assisting with project scheduling, conducting research, quality control, and assisting project documentation. 

b. Architecture Officer Internship

This role will involve you in supporting the company's architects and senior officers with various aspects of architectural design and project management. Some of the tasks include assisting with design development, conducting site analysis, conducting research and providing general support. 

c. Structural Engineering Internship

This role will allow the intern to take part and support various aspects of structural design and analysis. You may be asked to help develop structural designs, create structural calculations, and draft structural drawings using a variety of software from AutoCAD, SAP2000 or ETABS.  

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Landscape Architect Internship in Permaculture Designers and Consultant Company

Another company situated in Ubud is looking for a landscape architect intern. Not just doing common or mainstream building construction, the company provides consultation and design service in regenerative-landscaping and sustainable-building. Its specialty is using permaculture design to create regenerative living systems, and integrate it with energy-efficient natural structures, such as tiny homes, gazebos or pavilions. The company provides a magnificent learning opportunity for those who would like to delph deeper into the avant-garde architecture field. Here, as interns, you can get involved in creating various landscape designs, ranging from small home garden systems to large agroforestry and farming systems, and everything-in-between! Interns would also gain rich knowledge of materials and techniques used for sustainable building; including recycled hardwood timber, cob, earthbag, rammed-earth and stone masonry. See more about the program and apply, here.

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General Internship in an Architecture Studio

Situated in the Kerobokan area, this company consists of a collective of architects, designers and engineers, specialized in creating integral and dynamic solutions for the development of many building types. From work spaces, spas, restaurants, small boutique hotels to big resorts, homes and villas, the company is dedicated to provide top-grade architecture design with the client's convenience in mind. The intern will assist and learn about several of the company's main services; such as structural design, master planning, MEP design, interior design and landscape design. They also keep a strong focus on the most recent sustainable technologies. This means the intern will gain vast knowledge and experience during their internship period at the company, to apply and work in a prominent architecture design firm back in their country. Read more about the internship opportunity here.

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Architecture Officer Internship in a Bamboo Construction and Structural Design Company

Another top architecture officer internship opportunity is provided by a unique company in rural Gianyar area. The company specializes in modern bamboo buildings by incorporating traditional craftsmanship in its process. They offer a spectrum of highly professional services; from structural engineering consultancy to full project delivery.  As an architecture internship, you will get first-hand involvement in the company's extensive R&D process and practice its main vision to develop and promote eco-friendly bamboo construction industry by engaging with highly skilled artisans from Bali's local communities. Interns might learn to apply the incredible traditional Balinese architectural knowledge in modern context, and represent it through cost-effective bamboo solutions as a proven sustainable approach to a building's design, construction and aftercare. See the program and apply now.

Overall, these various architecture and construction internship opportunities in Bali for architecture students or recent graduates seeking to gain valuable experience will hopefully offer valuable experience and opportunities to develop many architecture-related and management skills and to provide valuable hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and a chance to explore different areas within the field.

By Billy Bagus