Internship Programs in Bali

6 Months, Living and Interning in Bali in a Fashion Manufacturing Company

6 months of interning in Marketing at a Manufacturing Company in Bali, had left unique pieces of experience in Julia’s internship record.

Half a year goes by so meaningfully quick

My Bali internship’s experience this year is an experience I would not able to forget. Although I have visited this island plenty of times before, I am sure that this time was one of a kind. I got to immerse myself in the real life of the local community for 6 months. I got the chance getting to know the locals, meeting a lot of new friends and traveling around to amazing new places in and outside of Bali. For me, it was a unique opportunity to be able to work as a fashion intern in a Marketing Internship at a Manufacturing Company and combined it with my love for the island and Indonesia.

Bali Internships made this possible and facilitated everything so well, they were always helpful in providing me whatever information I needed, as well as practical help. For example, picking me up from the airport on arrival and providing a local SIM card.

The welcoming team of my host company, made me feel as a part of the family since day one, the international and multicultural working environment and atmosphere, was definitely a nice experience. In my office we were a mixed group of staffs of Italians, Germans and Indonesians.

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Seeing things through perspectives

Throughout my six months’ internship, I learned more extensively about social media from a business perspective, as my internship duties focused mainly on digital marketing area. Having a fashion and design management as my study background, the internships tasks given were not entirely new for me and I got to enjoy more the work of my field, that is fashion. I was also able to develop my other skills around my study and my hobby, from formal office work, to quite stressful yet exciting photoshoot and to network with the company’s clients from around the world and from within Bali. Aside from my internship work, my internship experience in Bali has marked an important stage in my life that has done me a critical self-development, as a human being and professional worker.

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There is so much I will miss about Bali. From the consistent beautiful sunsets every day, to the amazing food and infuriating, yet somehow fun scooter traffic jams. I will miss my new friends and colleagues that I met along the way. I will be recommending an internship in Bali to everyone from now on as this was such a great experience.

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