We made it 12 years!

Gratitude and appreciation year for us.

It has been a while since we shared updates from our office​, last September, marking a dozen years since the day we started Bali Internships. This moment is a cause for celebration and reflection, still given the chance to still do what we do, a large part is all about who we surround ourselves with. The people we hire , the partners we choose and of course the clients we serve have the biggest impact on the longevity of our work​. ​Everyone who has kept us inspired, focused and driven to bring the best possible results when getting our work done since 2009.

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Inspiring minds through travels and education.

We have been assisting aspiring students, young professionals, and seniors from around the world to arrive in Indonesia to fulfil their life goals and establish career paths through our programs. During these years we have helped thousands of individuals to step into one of the most important stages of their lives especially for our first timer clients to experience first time travel abroad, first time internship and first time to be away from home. It has been our goal to be able to partake in each individual's journey introducing the island beyond its impressive beauty, culture and attractions. Bringing more meaning to everyone's Bali experience, be it someone coming as interns, volunteers, everyone is a student of life.

Being able to connect with businesses and nonprofits in Bali and around Indonesia has also been the perks of our work. Learning of what is their current work, projects, business plans while creating opportunities for others to participate, contribute and learn altogether. It has always been exciting everytime we receive new inquiries from anyone demanding new industries or studies we have not been introduced to or work with before, for us to try to assist in finding something suitable and of quality.

Most of our former clients are now employed in the industries and passion they prefer, some become entrepreneurs and pursue their goals to be entirely independent, and some have not even left the island, landed jobs in Bali and even settled and built their life and family here. We have been blessed with what we do, where love and sincerity play a big role, and that's ultimately what we strive for.

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Bali Internships Past, Present, and Future.

A lot has happened during these years, more significantly the past year when the global pandemic hit. Our internship programs have been limited from 70 plus programs down to 30 active programs due to the closing of the positions as a result of economic challenges worldwide, local businesses, bodies, organizations are struggling to survive and it did impact its openings for internship programs. As difficult as it was, it did not discourage us to continue doing what we love and adapt to the current situation and try to readjust our program's angle. It was our time to connect even deeper to our partners to see what is needed for their business and what is urgent that can be assisted by interns and volunteers.

A couple of new cooperations with new or existing businesses in Bali and Lombok started this year which is highly encouraging, as this means that more people are starting to recognize the needs and importance of hiring interns. This signals us to open more doors for students, individuals in Indonesia and around the world to experience real-life working in Bali while connecting and networking with like minded people.

Despite the difficult current times full of changes, challenges and reflections, we are optimistic and positive about starting a new day, everyday. Now we are given more time to pause and practice expressing thanks for our lives and well beings, to produce more ideas worth sharing for everyone to experience their travel to Bali and experience the island meaningfully. A big appreciation for our team, partners, and clients that have made us who we are.

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​Bali Internships is a​n Indonesian ​company providing ​internship, voluntary work and study programs opportunities in​ Bali and eastern Indonesia, for ​individuals around the world​. Connecting the world to Bali through meaningful travel, learn about our internship, voluntary work and study programs to start your journey to Bali.