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Unpaid Internships for Students and Fresh Graduates, What Are The Benefits?

Most companies would hire employees with sufficient experience and background in their field. But how do fresh graduates or even current students, secure 'work experience' without actually working for real? One of the most practical ways is through an internship. For many, that means doing an 'unpaid' type of internship.

Of course, not all internships are unpaid; some companies are willing to spare a bit of a budget for fresh graduate students to help run the business as interns. But the bottom line is that internships; whether paid or unpaid- offers a first-hand opportunity for every fresh graduate to boost their professional career significantly!

The Main Benefit of Unpaid Internships

If we could set aside the financial income aspect, unpaid internships are actually a great way to start building our professional network, develop skills and receive valuable feedback from real-time professionals, not just tutors or teachers. Here we listed some of the vital advantages by doing volunteer / unpaid internships.

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1. Live and Work Anywhere in the World

This one especially applies to those who choose an internship abroad. Once you have experience living and working by yourself far from your home country, you become a work-ready station to be posted anywhere in the world. You'd already know at least the basics of how to counter common barriers that may come across anyone who has no experience in living and working abroad; such as language, food, schedule, culture, etc. It makes you more open, flexible, and easy to adapt to new environments. International companies would love to have you on board!

2. Work/Holiday Vibe at The Same Time

An abroad Internship means you will have to travel to a new place, not to do full-time work, but to enjoy the local vibe as well. Gaining real work experience while traveling to a new destination and learning a new culture, lifestyle; that is a bargain worth trying, especially if you plan to do your internship in a wonderful holiday destination like Bali island!

3. Develop Transferable Skills

Generally, an internship will put you with a mentor or manager to help you in your temporary role, and teach you about the business processes in real-time. Take this opportunity to hone your skill set, and also learn new skills in other fields. By completing an internship this way, you can develop relevant career skills further and apply them in a practical environment. Several basic soft skills such as communication, problem-solving and organization will also improve as you do your internship role proactively.

4. An Open Door For Networking Opportunity

As mentioned before, an internship will usually assign you with a mentor who will guide you throughout your time in the workplace. Depending on the length of your placement, you would be having regular mentoring sessions with other management and senior staff of the company as well. This is a perfect opportunity to make a good impression and get your front foot in the door for future employment opportunities. You may also explore the possibility if one of your work colleagues is susceptible to be your future business partner.

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Overall, paid or unpaid internships' benefits are really prospective for a student’s job opportunity or even for professionals who seek a career change. Never underestimate the power of relevant experience and networking. For more information about doing Internship in Bali, don't hesitate to contact us and plan your internship in Bali!

By Billy Bagus

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