The Importance of Internships Abroad

Internships are an essential moment in the life of young, aspiring entrepreneurs looking to hone their skills and experience working environment in real time. Even the great Steve Jobs of Apple company did his share of internships with Hewlett-Packard, and it led him to meet his future colleague Steve Wozniak! So bottom line, an internship is an opportunity worth taking, especially if it offers you to go abroad. There are truly a billion reasons why an internship abroad could be not only one of your most unforgettable life experiences, but also one of the best things you can do to strengthen your CV. Here's why:

1. A Chance to Build International Network

An internship abroad gives a golden opportunity to expand your international network. This will be immensely helpful for any career prospects you have going forward (remember Steve Jobs!). We all have made a vast network of like-minded peers, mentors and professors just by working and going to school in our home country. Now consider developing a similar network, only in a completely different place!

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2. An Opportunity to Become More Independent Through Discovering New Things

By doing internships, you are encouraged to establish your own independence and learn more about yourself in the process. Living all by yourself in a brand new environment will offer a huge learning experience, especially by going abroad to another country, you will learn many things that will be beneficial for your mental development. You would learn a new language, eat new daily foods, meet with people with diverse cultural backgrounds that will broaden your perspective and introduce you to new ideas and inspiration that you wouldn't get by staying at a familiar place.

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3. An Insight to Your Future Career Path

Research discovered that one of the most popular reasons people choose to have an internship abroad is so that they can explore future career interests. By experiencing a work atmosphere outside of your home country, you will gain a life experience that pushes you to really think about what your interests are. Your chance to take great responsibility from the get-go is also very high. This opportunity will allow you to learn and evolve even faster.

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Why Choose Bali as Your Internship Destination

Now to narrow it down, there are many global internship programs that allow the student to go abroad to many wonderful countries around the world. Bali Island of Indonesia is rated as one of the most perfect places to do so. Let us tell you some of the reasons why as well!

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It's Currently Rated as Asia's Best Startup Hubs

With the rapid shift and growth of remote working culture and entrepreneurial hubs, Bali has quickly established itself as a destination for start-up and digital nomads. Amazing environment, nature and local people, affordable living expenses and picturesque surroundings, not to mention plenty of state-of-art coworking space to choose from has made the island mentioned several times as Asia's best startup hubs. Interns are free to choose whether to assist on entrepreneurial projects or learn in-depth about a hospitality career. See Bali Internships' current internship openings and get inspired today!

Laid-Back While Involving Working Environs

To align with the island's 'slow living' vibe, most of the international corporate and startup companies in Bali have adopted a laid back culture. It's very common for interns and their colleagues to dress casually and work from office space that can easily be mistaken as a holiday villa, whilst being treated with the breathtaking view of beaches and rice fields. Another main benefit of conducting an internship in Bali is because most companies in Bali consist of medium-sized companies, they will easily give any intern an opportunity to sit and discuss tasks / assignments on eye level with their mentor, mostly owners, directors or managers. As an intern, you will be able to directly work under your mentor, who would not send you away daily just to do an errand, but actually get involved in strategic planning, creative brainstorming or meeting with clients. Intern in Bali will gain plenty of action experience because they will get their hands on any current work / project that the mentor's company is currently doing. 

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Live like the Island’s Local 

As an intern in Bali, you will experience living in a completely different and enamoring culture. Not only you'll be able to discover the pristine beauty of the island’s nature in your daily activity, but you will also mingle with the local Balinese as well; which have a unique philosophy that greatly values the relationship between humans, God and their surrounding environment. You can also give back and support these local communities in several ways; from dining at local warungs, shopping in local pasar (traditional market), and hanging out with locals in general. This is a perfect chance to significantly increase your social skills and make global friends!

By Billy Bagus