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​Thank You 2022

Bali Internships End of Year Gathering and More Future Beginnings​.

Every end of year has always been a special moment for us to celebrate and reflect, this year, it was no different. This year's 6th gathering was the Bali Internship's End of Year Gathering brings together our dearest friends, family, co-workers and clients to cherish the festivity once again; eat, drink, laugh and exchange presents together.

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Our intimate gathering with the beloved ones

Held at the Bali Royal Heritage Villa on Saturday, December 3, 2022, our end of year gathering commenced under the clear blue sky and Bali’s finest weather despite the rainy days during this month. No gray clouds in sight that day as everyone gathered 'round to have fun with one another, our gathering was attended by around 40 guests of exclusive invitations, consisting of Bali Internship’s team, founder, business partners, alumni and current clients.

Our gathering was opened by Bali Internships’ co founder, Laura Korwa, who delivered a warm speech of gratitude. Representing Bali Internships’ team, Laura thanked everyone who has attended Bali Internships end of year event and acknowledges them as those as a part of Bali Internships’ family, especially our dedicated staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure every program runs successfully and of quality.

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The main event of the gathering was of course to enjoy the delicious lunch of Indonesia’s traditional Nasi Tumpeng. Tumpeng is a symbol of gratitude, the philosophical meaning according to folklore in Java & Bali, the cone-shaped tumpeng is a mystic symbol of life and ecosystems. It also symbolizes the glory of God as the Creator of nature, the side dishes, vegetables represent the life and harmony of nature. The feast is served in Indonesia as a thanksgiving for the abundance of harvest or all blessings in life, therefore to always open and end our programs we always want to express our appreciation this way. 

After the nasi tumpeng feast, all guests were gathered for the 'Secret Santa' procession, in Indonesian we call it “Tukar Kado” or translated to exchange presents. This session has been around ever since Bali Internship's End of Year Gathering first commenced back in 2015. It's all for the sake of fun and togetherness, though, as the rules made all the guests bring gifts with value no more than IDR 20k (around 1 U$ or 1 Euro). Some even get creative and bring funny gifts.

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Bali Internships looking forward for the future

After 13 years, we are glad to still be able to assist aspiring students, professionals and seniors from across the globe to experience one part of life's journey involving Bali and us. We have been only witnessing such life changing experiences of each individual we have crossed paths with, personal development, start of careers, changes of careers, finding love and soul mates to simply experiencing Indonesia’s hospitality during the program. It has been one of our goals to be able to partake in each individual's journey of learning and discovery which we find as an endless process that we as human beings will always encounter.  

We are blessed everyday to reflect on how difficult and challenging it has been the past 2 years, yet it did not discourage us to continue doing what we love and adapt to the current situation and try to readjust our program's angle. It was the perfect time to connect even deeper to our partners to see further what is urgent and needed for their businesses for Bali Internships to support with and we can only be grateful to all of the mutuality we have received by far.

Despite the difficult current times, we are more optimistic towards the new year, we hope to be able to continue to progress, produce more ideas worth sharing for everyone to travel, study and experience Bali and Indonesia meaningfully. A big appreciation for our team, partners, and clients that have made us who we are. Bali Internships wishes all of you a wonderful Christmas and New Year moment ahead!