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Interview with Olivier

My Fulfilling Architecture Internship Journey in Bali

“I think this internship has been very fulfilling on many levels. I guess I could say it's almost what I imagined it would be. On a professional level, I learned a lot of things that I did not know before” Olivier, l'ENSAPLV - Architecture

Imagine doing an internship that not only nurtures your passion for architecture but also reconnects you with your roots. Olivier, a talented and ambitious 24-year-old architecture student from France, doing his remarkable journey to Bali, Indonesia, where he experienced an internship that exceeded his expectations.  

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Chapter I: Restructuring the Roots

Seeking a unique opportunity to specialize in bamboo architecture, I found limited options in my homeland of France. Determined to reconnect with my Indonesian heritage and ignite my creative spirit, I contemplated the idea of returning to the land of my roots. During my quest, I came across the Bali Internships program online, known for its exceptional opportunities in various fields. Through the Bali Internships program, I was then connected with a bamboo construction company in Bali that specialized in modern bamboo buildings. This encounter marked a transformative milestone in my architectural journey, providing me with invaluable experiences and knowledge.

Chapter II: A Genuine Fulfillment

My time in Bali was profoundly fulfilling, both on a personal and professional level. I was able to step into a different realm of architectural thinking and methodology where I quickly realized that the work dynamic in Bali diverged significantly from what I was accustomed to in Europe. This fresh perspective challenged me to approach projects with an open mind, embracing the diverse architectural styles found throughout different regions. During my internship, I primarily focused on structural drawing, but my responsibilities extended far beyond that. I was intricately involved in various tasks, including creating building models and producing renderings through video, still images, and even exploring virtual reality. This multifaceted engagement allowed me to broaden my skill set while immersing myself in novel experiences.

Chapter III: Charting New Learning Curve

The most exhilarating moments arose when I encountered projects that were entirely unfamiliar to me. Whether it involved crafting designs with intricate curves or learning new software, each unfamiliar territory became an opportunity for growth. This realization further my passion and solidified my dedication to pursuing a path in bamboo architecture, a specialization that deeply resonated with me.

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Chapter IV: Sense of Self-Discovery

Beyond the boundaries of my internship, I discovered the enchanting island of Bali, which offered a safe haven for cultural enrichment and inspiration. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, I persevered and found solace in a less stressful work environment. The beauty of the island, combined with its warm and friendly atmosphere, invigorated my creative spirit and left an indelible mark on my internship experience.

Chapter V: ‘Home’ is Where the Root is

As fate would have it, my internship in Bali was just the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in my life. I made the bold decision to extend my stay. Recognizing my exceptional talent and unwavering dedication, the company I interned with offered me a permanent position, allowing me to continue my architectural endeavors.

Since then, I have maintained contact with the Bali Internships program and even attended their latest gathering. Bali has become my cherished home, a place where I craft architectural wonders and leave a lasting impression on the island's intricate design landscape.

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By Billy Bagus

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