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Interview with Eleanora: What a Bali Marketing Internship Can Offer

"Here, work isn't confined to a desk; it's about living and breathing the stories I tell." University of Florence, Italy

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Ciao a tutti! I'm Eleonora, a passionate communicator from Italy. My background spans from a bachelor's degree in Communication at the University of Florence to a Master's in Global Marketing, Communication, and Made in Italy studies in Rome, topped off with a specialization course in Digital Marketing & Social Communication at RCS Business School in Milan. I'm so excited to share with you guys about my amazing internship moment in Bali!

Freedom and Flexibility.

Interning as a Marketing & Content Creator in a vibrant Bali media company has been beyond my expectations. Unlike my previous office-bound roles, I find myself immersed in Bali's rich digital innovation and cultural vibrancy. Here, work isn't confined to a desk; it's about living and breathing the stories I tell.

My days as an intern are anything but typical. I could be writing about the latest hotel experiences for afternoon tea one moment, and the next, I'm actually savoring those teas in picturesque hotel settings across Bali. Flexibility is key—I might find myself crafting content at 1 a.m. or setting out for an early morning shoot at 6 a.m. It's liberating to have the freedom to choose when and where to work, as long as I meet deadlines and deliver captivating copy.

Bali, renowned as a hub of digital nomads in South Asia, offers not only professional growth but also invaluable personal development. As a communicator, engaging with people from diverse backgrounds is essential. Whether it's chatting with fellow travelers in Ubud or interviewing local artisans in Canggu, every encounter enriches my perspective and enhances my storytelling ability.

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Highlights of Exploration

One of the highlights of this internship is the opportunity to explore Bali in its purest form. From secluded beaches to serene rice terraces, I often find myself in places where the beauty of Bali unfolds without the hustle and bustle of crowds. It's a privilege to experience and share these hidden gems with our audience, showcasing Bali's authentic charm beyond the tourist hotspots.

For anyone considering an internship in Bali, I can confidently say it's an experience worth pursuing. Beyond the professional growth and inspiring work environment, Bali offers a lifestyle that nurtures creativity and personal discovery. It's not just about what you do—it's about how you live and grow along the way. 

My enriching journey in Bali is made possible through Bali Internships. They've connected me with vibrant opportunities in the island's media landscape, allowing me to delve deep into digital innovation and cultural immersion. It's through this collaboration that I've been able to fully embrace Bali's diverse communities and breathtaking scenery, translating these experiences into compelling stories that resonate with our audie

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